Man Cries After Receiving a Toy Bear That Plays in His Late Mom’s Voice

Man Cries After Receiving a Toy Bear That Plays in His Late Mom’s Voice

Summer bought her dad a stuffed bear for Christmas that plays the voice of his late mother. He cried after hearing it in the viral TikTok video.

Summer Hammond bought her father a sweet Build-A-Bear teddy bear that played the sound of her father's late mother saying, "hello darling." Her father's emotional reaction to this heartfelt gift shows that we never forget the people that are taken away from us. The woman stated on her TikTok account, "My grandma passed away this summer, so we decided to get my dad a bear that had her voice inside." When her dad opened the gift he thought that it was a joke, per Comic Sands. In the video, he can be heard saying, "What are you having a laugh... a Build-A-Bear?" He wasn't ready for the surprise his daughter had in store for him with this Christmas gift.



There was a "birth certificate" that came with the bear saying that the name of the animal is, "Milk Biscuit." Hammond clarified that this was an inside joke between their family. The bear smelled like bubblegum and was white in colors, as seen in the video. Hammond asked her dad to press his paw after a few seconds and that's when her father heard his mother's voice saying, "Hello, darling!" He was shocked at this sudden voice and then was completely overwhelmed with emotions. He cried and kept pressing the bear's paw to hear his mother's voice again and again. Hammond's mother could be seen asking her children to hug their father as he was bursting into tears.



TIkTok users are also completely in awe of this beautiful moment of Hammond's father. The video has over 2.2 million views up until now and it's comment section is filled with emotional and warm comments of the viewers. A user, Amy Bevis, commented, "So are we all here crying in the comments orrrr?" Another user, Karryane74, expressed her love for the whole family, "Your dad must be a good man to help raise such thoughtful kids. Your nana would be made-up with this. Well done both of you." Users were also commenting about their favourite moments from the video, "The way your mom siganlled for you to hug him, she knew." A Build-a-Bear employee also came forwards to say, "as a bab employee, it makes me so happy we can help you guys create special moments like his." 



Hammond also went and shared another video of her father with the bear. In that video, her father keeps the bear in bed with him, creating another special moment for the internet to swoon over. Hammond informs everybody that if you want a loved one's voice in Build-A-Bear, you just have to give the recording and inform the employees. She is extremely happy seeing her father's reaction to this thoughtful gift and thinks that it can be something to preserve her grandmother's memory.




Cover Image Source: Tiktok/@summerhammond