The Moment 'Christ The Redeemer' Appeared In Sky Over The Open Sea

The Moment 'Christ The Redeemer' Appeared In Sky Over The Open Sea

The viral post showed an image captured at the exact moment when the clouds parted to show a mesmerizing sight of light. It was an outline of Christ, shining over the Mediterranean Sea in western Italy.

Artist Alfredo Lo Brutto of Italy captured a remarkable view of a cloud formation that looked like Jesus with arms outstretched, the rays of light peeping out and lighting up the open waters of Tyrrhenian Sea. The image broke out at sunset and was perfectly captured by Brutto, who is a chef by profession, on Friday, DailyMail shares. As the light burst through the clouds, it looked like the son of God.

The Italian artist, who rarely ever posts on Facebook, said, “I was enchanted by the view. I don't often share pictures on social media, but when I took this one, I instantly felt like I wanted other people to see it, because it was so beautiful.”

He shared the image with the message, "the Christ of light in the sea of agropoli....."

The mystical sight over the vast open sea seemed to have struck a chord with many. It was not long before Lo Brutto's post went viral, with the readers comparing the image of the cloud formation to Christ the Redeemer, the massive statue that towers over the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The massive Christ statue atop Mount Corcovado stands at 98-ft.





This is not the first time that believers have seen the image of Christ. In tragedy-stricken Colombia, where landslides damaged the city of Manizales and killed 17 people in April 2017, many reported seeing clouds part in the form of Jesus, according to BoingBoing.


In another sighting, a Mexican paranormal TV channel Tercer Milenio had obtained a footage from 2014 where the face of Christ was seen over Crimea in Eastern Europe. There were claims that it could have been a "sign to restore peace". In the same year in Cape Coral, Florida, another cloud formation was seen in the form of Christ. At the right side of the image, a form that looks like an angel with a trumpet was also visible, according to Huffington Post. "Believe it or not, God is said to work in mysterious ways," said  Fiona Finn, who shared the image. She says that it is everyone's God-given right to judge the photo for what it is. The same can be said for the image shared by Alfredo Lo Brutto.