Frail Old Man, Who Lived Till 103, Begged For Alms Till His Last Day Only To Donate It All To Orphanages And Churches

Frail Old Man, Who Lived Till 103, Begged For Alms Till His Last Day Only To Donate It All To Orphanages And Churches

Dobri Dobrev from Bulgaria traveled everyday to the city centre to ask people for their kind offering. He used all the money to do good for others.

We often come across people on the streets asking for money. While some of us contribute what we have, others shoo away such people thinking their motives may be bad. However, this tale of a man who begged every day may surprise you. It may open your eyes to a world unheard of.


Dobri Dobrev, a resident of Sofia, Bulgaria, lost his hearing during World War II. Though he lived 15 miles away outside Sofia, he traveled to the center city, where he begged every day. He depended on the kindness of strangers who walked past him. The elderly man was no stranger to the city but he was not just seen as a mere beggar by the people of his city. The residents of his city considered him a "saint" and a "divine stranger." The reason behind it is astounding.


Though he spent his days asking people for money, the poor man never kept one penny to himself. He depended on kind strangers for food and used his own money to take the occasional bus back home. Instead, he donated all the money from strangers to help churches and orphanages. Without thinking about his wellbeing, the man has dedicated his life to selflessly helping others in need. Over the years, the man has raised money for several institutions in the area.


He gave more than $24,000 (35,700 lev) to the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, according to a video released by the church. He also gave large sums to many orphanages to help them with their utility bills. He has also donated towards the restoration of many monasteries and churches in the area such as the Eleshnishkiya monastery and the church in Gorno Kamartsi.


Though nobody knew much about his personal life, they were taken aback by the selfless man. However, some have tried to find his motivation behind such a lifestyle. A Reddit user said that he met Dobrev many times. It seems that the selfless man told him he was doing it all because of a "bad thing" he did in the past.


According to the Huffington Post, the man lived off with the $100 he earned from his monthly pension. In a rare interview, the elderly man was interviewed at his home, where he was surrounded by his very few personal possessions. After all his goodness, the silent angel passed away on Feb. 13, 2018, aged 103. He was buried at the Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church in his village of Bailovo.