Man Attempts To Cure Constipation By Inserting An Eel In His Anus

Man Attempts To Cure Constipation By Inserting An Eel In His Anus

The man tried the old "folk remedy" but nearly lost his life as the eel moved from his rectum to the colon and chewed through it.

A man almost died after intentionally inserting a 20 cm eel into his anus. The eel moved from his rectum making its way to the colon and chewed through it, finally accessing the abdomen. The man finally went to the hospital after initially being too "shy" to admit what the problem was. Doctors, fortunately, managed to remove the still-alive eel but noted that the man could have died from hemolysis, which occurs when red blood cells are destroyed after bacteria from the large intestines reach the stomach, reports UNILAD.



The incident is similar to one that occurred last year. At the time 40cm eel was involved. A man in his 50s also inserted a live eel to "cure his constipation" which is apparently an old ‘folk remedy’ that claims an eel will help with bowel movement. But things were about to take a fatal turn as the animal once inside nearly tore his intestines apart, reports The Daily Mail



The Chinese man sought medical help at the Huangjiang Hospital in Dongguan. Dr. Li from the hospital told local media, "We suspected that there was a foreign object in his abdominal cavity from a CT scan. But we couldn't tell where it came from." The medical staff found out that it was a 40cm-long eel that was the "thickness of an adult thumb". Dr. Li elaborated, "The eel entered through anus and rectum. I think it had quickly torn a hole already while in the colon."

Although the man waited three days before getting surgery, he just about made it. If he waited any longer, the consequences could have been fatal "because it was a live eel, the possibility of death is very high if the surgery was not done timely," the doctor explained. The patient was treated in intensive care units for three days was released three days later.



Bizarrely that's not the end of the eel tales. Instead of sticking them up his rear, one man tried to swallow not one, but two live eels! And it's the same old reason: To cure his constipation as well. The construction worker from China, also in his 50s decided to follow the folk remedy instead of seeking medical help. Things took a worse turn as he was in a state of shock due to a life-threatening bacterial infection and his colon had been ruptured. His colleagues rushed him to the hospital where experts operated on him and were able to remove the eels, one of which was still alive.

According to the Daily Mail, surgeons found two "very thick" eels outside of his intestines in the lower part of his abdomen. "Because the eels were alive while being swallowed... A person's intestines are fragile, therefore they will be ruptured as soon as [the eels] bite them," Dr. Sun Haijian, a deputy director at the Jiangsu Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital revealed. Fortunately for him, his colleagues, the timely medical intervention, and the efficiency of the doctors helped pull him through the terrifying ordeal, and was later discharged.