Man Was Beaten Up & Robbed Of $200,000, His ENTIRE Life Savings, Moments After He Stepped Out Of The Bank

Man Was Beaten Up & Robbed Of $200,000, His ENTIRE Life Savings, Moments After He Stepped Out Of The Bank

The robbery was "traumatic" and the father lost the money that was "a result of years and years of work."

Just moments after he withdrew thousands of dollars from the bank, Francisco Cornejo was attacked and robbed of his entire life savings.

After emptying his bank account and withdrawing $200,000 from the Chase bank in Huntington Park, Francisco had exited the southern California bank and was in the parking lot when the robber came up to him, beat him up, and took all of his money, as reported by KIRO 7. The unidentified attacker snatched his satchel of money and ran away from the spot, leaving Francisco helplessly lying on the ground.

Attorney Nathan Soleimani said Francisco "was parked as closely as possible to the bank, knowing he was going to withdraw a large amount of cash. As soon as he got to his car, before he was able to get to his car, he was grabbed and beaten," as quoted by 6abc.


The attorney added, "He was literally fighting for his life savings. And when he was being beaten, he was doing his best to try and retain the bag that he brought with him."

After finding out about the horrible incident, the family revealed that they were glad Francisco came out of it alive. Soleimani said, "Thank God he's alive. His family is grateful he got out of it with just the injuries that he has. At the end of the day, they're thankful for him being here."

The incident which took place on July 30, 2020, left Francisco with bruises on his arm and on the side of his body, while severe trauma was also inflicted on his head. But more than the physical injuries of the attack, the emotional devastation of the attack was more as Francisco described the robbery as "traumatic," according to KTLA. All the money that he and his wife carefully saved up for their family was all gone.


"My father went to the bank to withdraw money that him and my mother have worked for their whole life," Francisco's daughter wrote on the GoFundMe page set up for the family.

"You judge as you live, right. My dad, as the honest and hardworking man that he is, went to the bank to withdraw his life savings. He never expected such an atrocious attack."

The daughter added, "When he exited the bank a criminal attacked him and forcefully took the bag he had with all of his money inside. Bystanders attest that my dad was fighting with all of his will. My father was dragged by the criminal as they both fought for the bag."

The daughter revealed that Francisco and his wife, who are now unemployed, needed the money to "get through" the pandemic. She also revealed that the money would have helped her parents pay for her sister's graduate school tuition and support her 94-year-old grandmother.

Her parents also wanted to send money to loved ones who were living back in Mexico and El Salvador "as many of them have lost their jobs and homes due to the lack of work," the daughter said.

The daughter added, "This money was hard-earned and as a result of years and years of work."


At the moment, the Huntington Park Police Department is carried carrying out their investigation into the attack to find the robber as well as search the area for any more videos that might have captured the incident. The police also urged the public to come forward with any information they might have by calling the police at 323- 584-6254 or Detective Cervantes at 323-826-6660, according to KTLA.

The GoFundMe page also said, "We understand that as a nation we are all going through tough times and we appreciate any support. Any funds raised will be used for my father's medical expenses, as well to help recoup the $200,000 that he was robbed of, our family truly appreciates your support."