Make Your Own "Beer Pillow" That Will Allow You To Drink Even While You Nap

Make Your Own "Beer Pillow" That Will Allow You To Drink Even While You Nap

Phil is the creator of this unique product. He believes the product will bring a lot of joy.

Innovation is something that drives our world today. With so many funky and fun products in the market, life is very exciting. But who would have thought of having a pillow filled with your favorite beer? Well, it seems like we have a product like that. So, if you are a beer lover, this idea is sure to excite you and your beer-loving pals. 

A man named Phil is the brains behind this product, commonly called a beer pillow. This innovation is special for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is totally a DIY project. Anybody who enjoys beer can make it with ease. If you are tired and want to lay down and sip some beer, this is the product for you.


Phil posted a video on Youtube channel, Beer Goals promoting the product. The man is seen sipping beer from his beer pillow as he is resting on his bed at the beginning of the video.

He further explains how the pillow is made step-by-step. He said, "For in the middle of the night when you get a little bit thirsty and you want something a little bit stronger than water—Beer pillow!" All you need is a carton of beer cans, some zip lock bags, and some straws. 

He pours cans of Bud Light into a plastic zipper bag and then zips it tight after inserting a straw into the bag. Phil adds that the foam of the beer actually contributes to the fluffiness of the pillow.


With the bag filled in and looking tight, the beer pillow is ready to be used. Phil even demonstrates the pillow he made and shows the audience that it is indeed a clever idea. Phil assures that if the instructions are all followed word to word, there will not be any spillage.

So, it looks like your sheets are sure will be safe from any leakage. "You'll be happier in the morning," assures Phil. The video invited a lot of attention. It was viewed over 165K times and many commented on his idea.  While some thought it was a cool idea, others criticized the man.


They were not convinced about pouring beer into a ziplock bag. "So basically you are drinking warm beer from zip bag?" wrote one. "Is this for real??? It must be a stupid joke... Beer pillow... What about a shame pillow case??" wrote another user. "Yeah lets have a pillow filled with beer that is bound to get warm...genius," wrote another user. 

Meanwhile, one of them thought the idea should be posted on Amazon. "I love that you're getting serious reviews on the product. You should post this to Amazon," wrote one user. Others were not happy about using Bud Light. They said it was not a beer and was just water.


However, many are trying out Phil's invention. You can try it out too and see if it works for you. Phil, on the other hand, is extremely passionate about beers.

He uses social media to create interesting and fun content on beers. "I have launched BEER GOALS to attempt and catalog drinking 50 beers from 50 states. I know what you’re thinking; '50 beers sure is not a lot of beers.' Not fifty beers in total. Fifty beers in EACH state. That’s 2500 beers! Although, we can’t forget the District of Columbia. So that’s... 2,550 beers! Along the way, I’ll be providing helpful insights into hunting down and finding tasty beverages to help you achieve your beer-drinking goals. Stay tuned for beer news, beer reviews, and dad jokes," wrote the man on his Facebook page. 

He also uses his YouTube channel to create videos on fun beer reviews, updates, and insights.