This 'Wonder Dog' Was Shot 17 Times & Had Her Ear Cut-Off While Pregnant, But She Survived

This 'Wonder Dog' Was Shot 17 Times & Had Her Ear Cut-Off While Pregnant, But She Survived

She was found on the side of the road, left for dead with both her eyes gone, an ear cut off, and a broken jaw. Yet, she made an incredible recovery after her emergency surgery.

One little dog had endured a lot in the first four years of her life. It was a miracle that she even survived the abuse she was put through but she then became a ray of hope in the lives of other people. 

Maggie was rescued from Lebanon and was sent to the United Kingdom as part of the rescue mission at Wild At Heart Foundation (WaHF.) She was found on the side of the road, left for dead with both her eyes gone, an ear cut off, and a broken jaw. She was also heavily pregnant at the time. Maggie was taken in for emergency veterinary treatment without which she wouldn’t have a chance at survival. As per WaHF, Maggie's surgery was a success and even though she had an ear removed and lost both of her eyes, she made an incredible recovery. She was sent to the UK when she was well enough to travel.



Maggie was received by Kasey Carlin, who was surprised to see that a dog who was severely abused did not seem to carry any signs of it. Carlin told TODAY of the severity of Maggie's abuse, “They used a BB gun and used her as target practice. They had tied her up and shot her. She has about 200 pellets from her nose to her chest and some in her shoulders, but they’re all concentrated in her face." An x-ray showed that Maggie’s skull was peppered with pellets, making it clear that she had been shot in the head over and over.



“Then they pulled her eyes out. She had a broken jaw. They started cutting off her ears before somebody intervened. And she was heavily pregnant at the time,” Carlin said. None of the puppies Maggie was carrying at the time survived. Maggie's situation when Carlin took her in for fostering was very uncertain. “Nobody wanted her,” she explained. “She had six days before she was due to fly and nowhere to go, and they were going to have to delay the flight, or she was going to have to go in kennels, but I couldn’t let a poor little blind dog go in kennels.” So Carlin took Maggie in, even though her previously adopted dog, Mishka, had behavioral issues because of her former owner's abuse. But soon enough, with Carlin's efforts, the two dogs became best friends and Maggie was permanently adopted.



“The first thing she does when she meets anybody is she runs into them and rubs her body on them as a cat does. My brain couldn’t even process it. She’s just so friendly,” Carlin said of Maggie. She has earned the title, "Maggie the Wonder Dog" for her resilience and soft-heartedness. Carlin has also trained Maggie to be able to navigate the world as a blind dog and has helped bring her peace of mind. A lot of Maggie's happiness comes from her work as a therapy dog. She gets to meet with seniors with dementia, police officers, firefighters, and schoolchildren, and she absolutely loves people.



Maggie carries with her the message of hope which prompted Carlin to write a book about her pooch, titled The Miraculous Life of Maggie the Wunderdog. She is also a social media star who spreads positivity online. Her Instagram account has more nearly 500k followers. Speaking to Bored Panda, Carlin said: “She has taught me and others so many lessons, we all know the lessons she stands for, we were taught them as kids. She reminds me every day of them, though. Treat others how you want to be treated, don’t judge a book by its cover, love conquers all, be humble, live life to the fullest, help others, you create your own happiness, you can do anything if you believe! Every day she reminds me to try to be better and do better.”