Luke Perry's Daughter Thanks Her Mother For Being "The Rock For Everybody Grieving In This Family"

Luke Perry's Daughter Thanks Her Mother For Being "The Rock For Everybody Grieving In This Family"

Through all the pain of losing a loved one, Luke Perry's children have their dear mother for strength during this difficult time.

For Luke Perry, his number one priority wasn't his acting career or his stardom; it was his children, Jack and Sophie. Losing their father would be a great burden for both of them, but 18-year-old Sophie said that there's one person who's standing right beside the family and staying strong for the entire family.

After Luke Perry passed away, she said in a post, she thanked people for the love and support they showed and said, "I’m not really sure what to say or do in this situation, it’s something you aren’t ever given a lesson on how to handle, especially when it’s all happening in the public eye. So bear with me and know that I am grateful for all the love. Just, being grateful quietly."


Jack, too, expressed how devastating it was to know that his father will no longer be there. He wrote on Instagram, "I’ve learned so much from you, and my heart is broken thinking about everything you won’t be here for. I’ll miss you every day that I walk this earth. I’ll do whatever I can to carry on your legacy and make you proud. I love you Dad."



A few days later, Sophie thanked her mother, Rachel "Minnie" Sharp, for being her source of strength, especially during this difficult time. She wrote on social media, "You all know my dad is a superstar, but I just want to share for a moment that I got really fucking lucky in the parental department because this is my mom. Minnie. Who also happens to be my best friend. Wow, how cliche, I know."

She wrote about how grateful she is for being the woman she is, and not only was she there for Sophie, but also for the entire family as well. She also wrote, "And she is the rock for everybody grieving in this family right now. She’s the toughest and sweetest and most amazing woman I or anyone else has ever met. How did I get so lucky to have two icons for parents? I love you mom and I could not get through this absolute shit situation without you. None of us could. Oh. And I was just informed it was national women’s day, how fitting for a post on my kick-ass mama. #happynationalwomensday"


Luke Perry loved his children without a doubt and they were extremely important to him. When he was lying in the hospital bed, he was thankfully surrounded by all the people who were most important to him in his life.

But before the major stroke took place, he already had a will in place several years ago. In the year of 2015, Luke Perry had his own "cancer scare" and decided it would be best to have his will ready “because he didn’t want to leave anything to chance,” a source told Radar. He even supported the building of awareness about cancer and its prevention.


The actor left all his wealth to two of the most important people in his life, his two children. “Luke loved his kids more than life itself,” said a source.


The father would have wanted only the best for his children and would have probably hoped to protect them even if something were to happen to him. As the family gets through the period of grief, the world also grieves along with them, missing a man who was known for his onscreen presence but loved more for the caring man and father that he was.