Loving Husband Plants Thousands Of Flowers For 2 Years Just To See His Depressed Blind Wife Smile Again

Loving Husband Plants Thousands Of Flowers For 2 Years Just To See His Depressed Blind Wife Smile Again

Mrs. Kuroki wanted to bring back his wife who always had a smile on her face. So, he did the best he could.

Some love stories are so special that they seem like a fairy tale. The purity of that relationship is so admirable that it sometimes feels unreal to the world. The following story about a couple from Japan is the same. The touching tale of this husband who did everything he could to brighten up his wife's face, is the stuff of legend.


According to the Telegraph, Mrs. and Mr. Kuroki from Shintomi Town, Japan married in 1956. The couple, who worked their entire lives as dairy farmers, struggled to earn a living. After years of hard work and toil, the couple decided to spend their retirement touring the country. However, fate was not in favor of their idea. The couple, which had been together for 30 wonderful years, was faced with a problem that hindered their future plans.


Mrs. Kuroki was diabetic, and due some of its complications lost her eyesight. Mrs. Kuroli, then 52, was not prepared for such a twist in life. She was devastated and thought that was the end of her happy life. Having to give up on their dream of traveling and having to depend on her husband for mobility broke her heart.


The loving husband saw how the loss of eyesight had affected his life. He did not want his otherwise cheerful wife to give up on life. The concerned man wanted to do something that would cheer her up. He though having visitors over might free her from secluding herself. So, the loving husband decided to plant some pink shibazakura flowers (or moss phlox) on their lawn hoping it would attract people to their house.


The man also hoped his wife would enjoy the smell of the beautiful pink flowers, even if she couldn't see them. For two years, the determined man continued to plant these flowers around his house. Soon, it turned into a pink paradise that attracted thousands of people.


About 7,000 people come from all around the world to see the garden during spring. They are not only attracted to the sea of pink flowers but they are also fascinated to meet the woman who inspired the creation of the garden. Mrs. Kuroki is no more worried or sad, she is seen walking around her huge garden with a bright smile just like how her husband wanted to see her.