If She Treats You Like A King Without A Ring, Don't Make The Mistake Of Taking Advantage Of Her

If She Treats You Like A King Without A Ring, Don't Make The Mistake Of Taking Advantage Of Her

She will fight for your relationship with everything she has, but she will never tolerate being taken for granted.

She's not the woman who dreams of a perfect relationship because she knows there is no such thing. All that she wants is a real relationship, one where she knows you will always be ready to meet her halfway, a relationship where years may pass but you both only grow closer to each other as the days hurry past you. But this is also the woman who can't be fooled; the moment she knows that she is being taken advantage of, it'll be the last you will see of her.

When she treats you like a king, you don't need to get her a crown; just show her good character and respect. Here's what you need to know when you're falling for a girl like this.

1. She can't be won over by words, she will only fall for actions

If she makes a promise, she keeps it. And the least you can do is to not make promises that you can't keep. She's not the kind of woman who can be fooled with sweet talk or sugar-coated words. The only way you can prove to her that you're committed is by showing it to her, by keeping your word to her, and by showering her with as much love as she fills your life with.

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2. She can tolerate your bad days but never your excuses

At the end of a bad day, her warm embrace and encouraging words will all you need for your day to turn around. She will patiently listen to everything you have to say and give you her full attention when you feel vulnerable. She will be the most supportive partner, but only until she knows you're worth it. When she sees that you're only giving her excuses over and over again, unwilling to hold your end of the relationship, you will see a completely different side of her.

3. She's seen the worst with you and still chose to stay

Despite all the good and bad that you've been through, she still stuck by you with the strength and resilience. When you were at your weakest point, you saw that there wasn't a single moment where she lost faith in you. Even during times where you failed her in the relationship, she was ready to give you a second chance. All that she wants is to see that you're willing to do the same for her, willing to be her pillar of strength just like she is for you.

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4. She pushes you to be better because she sees the potential in you

Life for you has completely changed ever since you've been with her. You feel challenged, you feel inspired, and you find yourself getting in touch with parts of you that were never untapped. Being with her has made you want to be better because she pushes you in positive ways. Even on days where you can't see the strengths in yourself, she will remind you of all the good there is in you, and she'll nudge you on, never letting you give up. 

5. She will always be loyal to you but knows when she's taken for granted

When your relationship is built on unwavering trust, you will see how dedicated she is to upholding the values of your relationship. For all the loyalty that she brings, she expects you to bring the same level of honesty to the table. Never assume that you can take her for granted; she may be faithful but she's been through enough in the past to know what kind of tricks one can play. And she most certainly wouldn't fall for them. 

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6. She will fight for your relationship with everything she has

While she's the kind of woman who gives her everything to a relationship, you will see that she's not someone who needs to be taken care of. She doesn't need you to validate her or to make her feel protected; she can do all that on her own. She's made of sheer emotional strength and an iron-will that helps her stand her ground and fight for your relationship when you hit rough waters. What she does expect from you is to be given the chance to be seen, heard, loved, and to feel appreciated in the relationship, just like she does for you. Be to her what she is to you and you will never regret another day of your life that you spend with her.

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