Every Relationship Goes Through 5 Stages Of Love | Weak Couples Don't Make It Past Stage 3

Every Relationship Goes Through 5 Stages Of Love | Weak Couples Don't Make It Past Stage 3

Not every couple has a connection that is strong enough to keep them together as they make it through the difficult third stage. But the strong couples power through and discover something beautiful.

Nobody gets into a relationship hoping that it would fail miserably and you both would end up with a broken heart. You come together, hoping to spend the rest of your life beside the person who would love and cherish you and grow old with you. But it's not as easy as the fairytales paint it to be.

Love goes through several stages, each stage being harder than the previous one, but also more rewarding. While couples who may not have a strong bond don't make it past the third stage, long-lasting couples have made it through all five of these stages and still can't get enough.

Stage 1: The passionate beginning

Nothing can stop you from feeling the heat of a strong, passionate attraction, and it doesn't matter how old you are or how many times you have felt it before. Each time is just as special. You find that person taking over your thoughts and feel a surge of intense emotion every time they're around. This is the stage that you grow closer to the person and you can't ever imagine having a fallout with them. Some even call it the honeymoon stage, and it's the one stage that most couples say is their favorite, according to BetterHelp.

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Stage 2: Getting serious

Once the honeymoon phase of your relationship has brought you two as close as a couple can get, your inhibitions slowly start disappearing around each other. You both grow into your roles as a team. Your bond for each other deepens and you feel emotionally protected by your partner. This is when you think that your love has reached its peak and it's going to last like this forever. That's why you feel completely thrown off and unprepared when your partner and you progress to the next stage, according to Jed Diamond, author of 15 books, who wrote for MenAlive.

Stage 3: Disillusionment

This is the stage in relationships and marriages where you start questioning whether it was right to let yourself fall in love with your partner. The little things about your partner that you previously ignored are now starkly evident and you struggle to look past them. The dissatisfaction begins to grow and you start thinking about ending things with your partner.

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A number of couples decide to end the relationship here, thinking that it's not worth powering through. Some might learn to live with the dissatisfaction, letting themselves be trapped and miserable, but doing nothing to change it. But the couples who don't want to settle but don't want to give up either are the ones that are most likely to make it to the next stage.

Stage 4: True love

After enduring the pain and the fights and the arguments with your partner, you push through and discover that there's a love much deeper than imagined, bringing your partner and you closer than ever. All the wounds from your past and from the relationship begin to heal. It's not that the flaws and imperfections of your partner or your own just vanished with time. But your personalities fall in place the right way. When conflicts arise now, you know the importance of compromise and forgiveness.

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You've been through the worst and you can finally start your "forever" with your partner.

Stage 5: Making a difference with each other

You're no longer just two people who share a home or a relationship or a marriage contract together. You're a team now, like two halves that complete each other. While you have your own independent interests, you both compliment each other. The risks that you were always afraid to take when you were younger, you start feeling brave enough to take them now because of the love and support that your partner fills you with.

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With your partner's hand in yours, you feel unstoppable. You both become parents, grandparents, and cross the big milestones of life together. When you've managed to get past the hurdles of life together, you know you've found a loving partner who makes everything worth it.