Little Boy Found Dead After Being Stuck In A Running Washing Machine

Little Boy Found Dead After Being Stuck In A Running Washing Machine

The community sent their condolensces to the grieving family.

Children have very curious minds. While it is a good attribute to have, sometimes it pushes them to make careless and spontaneous choices that may prove dangerous. This is why parents are often asked to keep them under supervision. According to Daily Mail, one child from Christchurch, New Zealand was found dead in a front-loading washing machine that was had been switched on. 

The incident came to light after the authorities responded to a call from the suburb of Hoon Hay at about 5 pm on Friday, Feb19, 2021, according to Mirror. The officers confirmed, "One person was injured and taken to hospital where they later died. Police are making inquiries into the circumstances of the death and the coroner has been informed," as per news. com.au


The incident not only caused a lot of pain to the family but also to the community. Speaking to Star News, chairwoman Karolyn Potter from the Waihoro/Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board said they would do everything possible to support the grieving family. "This is a sadness that's beyond talking about," said Potter. 

Other members of the community also commented on the heart-wrenching incident. Dr. Melanie Coker, Spreydon ward councilor stated that she became aware of the incident only after the report appeared in the media. Reports confirmed that the investigators would not regard the child's death as a suspicious case. 


Meanwhile, the death has laid shade on the problems caused by front loading washing machines. It is possible for toddlers to get into the machine in the absence of a supervising adult. Adults who have no idea would then end up switching on the machine. Additionally, kids may also get burned by getting themselves in contact with the electrical wires behind the machine. 

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"It's critical that parents explain to their young children that appliances are not toys, and that they can be dangerous. So, how can you fix this issue? Hire a professional. It’s worth every penny because they often spot hazards that parents don’t even think about," said Anna Lane from Reviewed

Speaking of the safety precautions that can be taken in laundry rooms, she stated, "Definitely keep all of the soap/fabric softener/whatever on a high shelf so your kid can’t get to it. Things that are colorful and smell good are very tempting to little kids."

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Non-profit group Consumer Reports mentioned how important it for parents to communicate the risk factors of these appliances to their children and to anyone looking after them. "It's critical that parents explain to their young children that appliances are not toys, and that they can be dangerous. It's equally important to point out any potential dangers to anyone watching your children while you’re away. Remember that young kids are at a developmental stage that makes them especially curious," said the report. 



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