Lisa Marie Wanted Dad Elvis Presley To Remember Her Even After Death & So, She Sneaked In A Secret Gift In His Coffin

Lisa Marie Wanted Dad Elvis Presley To Remember Her Even After Death & So, She Sneaked In A Secret Gift In His Coffin

Lisa-Marie was so determined that she would not listen to her mother when she said

Daughters and fathers have a beautiful bond that cannot be broken even by death. Lisa-Marie Presley had such a beautiful relationship with her father, Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, Lisa lost her father at a very young age. Her father did not see her grow up to become a teenager or see her marry the man she loves. But after Elvis died, little Lisa sneaked a secret gift into her father's coffin. She wanted a part of her to remain with her father.


Lisa was just 9 years old when she lost her father. Thousands mourned the death of the legendary singer and many gathered to pay respects to the King of Pop. Before his fans were allowed the viewing, the grieving family spent a little time.

It is at that time that little Lisa added her gift in her father's casket. She asked the funeral director, Robert Kendall for permission. According to Mirror Online, she asked him, "Mister Kendall, can I give this to my daddy?"

She had a thin metal bangle that she wanted to give her dad. Though her mother, Priscilla and even the funeral director discouraged her, the little girl was determined. At last, Kendall caved in.


He took Lisa near the coffin and asked her where she wanted to put the bracelet. Lisa pointed at her father's wrist and the funeral director slipped the bangle on his wrist and told her that it would stay with her father forever. 

After Lisa left, Priscilla asked the funeral director to seal the jewelry as she worried it would be taken away by the fans, who were to see the singer before the funeral. The bangle was then placed under the singer's shirt. About 80,000 lined out to see the singer one last time. Having lost her father, Lisa grew up with the few memories she had of her father.

She recalled his goodnight kisses and his lullabies that put her to sleep. "Oh yeah, he'd always wake me up to sing in the middle of the night, get on the table and sing. I remember him as my dad, but he was a very exciting dad," recalled Lisa, according to ABC News.


The singer also recalled the last time her father tucked her into bed. "It was 4 a.m. I was supposed to be asleep, actually. He found me," said Lisa, according to Radar Online. She reminisced that night and said with a heavy heart, it was "the last time I saw him alive."

The next morning, Lisa remembers waking up to a scene that broke her down. Her father's dead body was on the ground and his girlfriend, Ginger Alden was next to him in tears. Little Lisa did not know what to do. She cried out loud and said, "My daddy’s dead! He’s smothered in the carpet!" according to Radar Online. She said, "His body was in the house for three days and there was something very oddly comforting about that, which made it not necessarily real to me."


Lisa's memories of her dad also have times when she felt there was something wrong with him, despite her age. She noticed her father's physical condition deteriorating and even wrote a poem, begging him not to die.

"If I was watching TV in my room, he'd come to my room and sort of stumble to my doorway and start to fall, and I had to go catch him. You know, things like that. And he'd try to pull himself out of it if he saw me, things like that," recalled Lisa, according to ABC News. But her poems did not change the cruel fate.

As a mother of four, Lisa saw traits of her father in her children. She keeps him alive in her life through them.