Liam Neeson's Son Takes Late Mom's Last Name To Keep Her Memory Alive 10 Years After Her Tragic Death

Liam Neeson's Son Takes Late Mom's Last Name To Keep Her Memory Alive 10 Years After Her Tragic Death

Natasha Richardson's death impacted the whole family. Her son who has now entered the acting industry has changed his surname to honor her.

Ten years may sound a long time to get over the grief and sorrow of losing someone you loved, but when it is someone who can never be replaced, a lifetime falls short. While some may be crying out their pain, others find new ways to cope up with their loss. Micheál, the son of Liam Neeson lost his mother Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident when he was just 13 years old. Her death had a huge impact on the then-teenager. Today, Micheál, who is still dealing with his mother's death, has found a beautiful way to keep her memory alive.


According to Daily Mail, he decided to take his beloved mother's surname instead of his famous father's name. Micheál, who has followed his parents' career path appeared in a crowd-funded film series called "On Our Way" and the young actor was credited under the name Micheál Richardson as per CBS News. Though the young actor has not given any official statement regarding his decision, the mother of his late mother, Vanessa Redgrave, a celebrated actress confirmed the news.


"He’s taken, officially, the name of his mother. He’s Micheál Richardson, not  Micheál Neeson," the 81-year-old said, according to Daily Mail. She also explained the sentiment behind his decision. "That wasn’t because he wanted to avoid his father’s fame, which is enormous. He wanted to hold his mother close to him — because she was a remarkable actress. Absolutely remarkable," said the Oscar-winning actress.


Micheál who was close to his mother was deeply scarred by her sudden death in 2009. Though he tried to carry on with his normal life, the young actor said he suffered from some delayed reactions during his late teens. "Of course, when it happened it was devastating. But in my mind, subconsciously, I either pushed it out or stored it deep inside. And so, within the next week I was like, 'OK, get on with my life'," Micheál said in an interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine in 2015 quoted Belfast Telegraph. The young boy added that he was carried away into the world of wild partying, drinking and smoking after he reached his late teens.


"Not having a mother figure definitely set the balance of the family off. So I took solace in my friends, just living with different families. I couldn't leave my house. I was unmotivated, couldn't wake up in the morning. It was dark. I hit rock bottom and couldn't do anything," the young actor said. However, it took him a while to realize what was happening to him.

Micheál, who was deeply influenced by his mother, took steps to get rid of his bad lifestyle. He even followed the acting career despite his father's disinterest. “She never vocalized it, but I know that my mum liked the idea of me becoming an actor. She would have thought that was cool,” said Micheál to People.


Like his son, Liam Neeson has also been very vocal about the pain caused by the death of his loving wife. "Her death was never real. It still kind of isn't. There're periods now when I hear the door opening, especially the first couple of years... anytime I hear that door opening, I still think I'm going to hear her," the actor said to Loaded Magazine, as quoted by Cosmopolitan. 

It is clear that the loss of Natasha Richardson was heartbreaking to their family and both Liam and his two sons are doing everything they can to cope with her death by honoring her memory.