The Way You Cross An "X" Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

The Way You Cross An "X" Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

We all belong to a different personality groups. The way we write some letters can tell what kind of a person you are.

There's a lot you can tell about a person from the way they write - how you interact with people, how you are in relationships, even how you view yourself. According to one report on handwritinguniversity.com, you can also tell if someone is emotionally unstable or seeks a challenge. More recently, an image that had gone viral on Twitter caught the attention of many. It showed 8 different ways in which people write an "X". And what is amazing is that this can reveal a lot about your personality.

Graphology is the study of handwriting that can determine the personality of the person. Read to find out what your X tells about you and your personality. 

1. Top right to bottom left, then bottom right to top left


You are a person known for your impulsive behavior. You are full of surprises and unpredictable actions. You hate to be bound by restrictions and don't shy away from breaking rules. You are a rebel who does not take anything for granted. People love to be around you and your exciting energy.

2. Top right to bottom left, then bottom left to top right


You are a focused person who does not allow other people to influence your dreams or decisions. You live by your own rules and rarely ever regret your life choices. Therefore, you don't allow other people to determine the course of your life. You are a courageous person who believes in your own right. 

3. Top right to bottom left, then top left to bottom right


You are a genius with your creativity and vivid imagination. Though the people around you may find it difficult to understand you, you are sharper and hyper-vigilant than they think. You are a person who can think beyond boundaries drawn by others. Your eyes can spot what others missed. This ability of yours gives a greater advantage in life. 

4. Bottom right to top left, then bottom left to top right


Optimism and positive thinking drive your life. You live in the present and are appreciative of everything regardless of how big or small it might be. People love you because of your reliable and generous nature. You are happy and satisfied in life because you believe in a better tomorrow. For you, life is not about complaining but adapting to situations with a smile.

5. Bottom right to top left, then top right to bottom left



You have the amazing ability to judge everything based on your intuitions. If there's one thing you've learned from your experiences, it is to trust your gut feeling. You understand the motives of people from afar. You use your instincts to assess if the company of a certain individual can do you good or bad. However, you believe every person has a tiny bit of good in them and should be given second chances.

6. Bottom left to top right, then bottom right to top left


You have not forgotten your past and the long way you have come. Even though it may have been difficult at the time, overcoming hurdles in the past has taught you to appreciate what those experiences have taught you, because, after all, it is what has allowed to grow into the person you are today. You are not looking for a change because what you are today is the result of a lot of hard work.

7. Bottom left to top right, then top left to bottom right


Your eyes are always looking for new things in life. You are not satisfied with the hassle-free life, you want new adventures and are open to challenges. You crave for new experiences and believe that failures are part of every journey. Every time you attain something, you don't sit idle rejoicing in it but look for the next challenge.

8. Top left to bottom right, then top right to bottom left


You are a perfectionist. You do each task with concentration, putting your heart and soul into it. But you are a person who is more comfortable doing things you are familiar with. People around you know that they can trust you with anything. They appreciate your sincerity and find you to be quite dependable.