Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn Have Their Own Special Family Traditions For The Holidays

Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn Have Their Own Special Family Traditions For The Holidays

"From us being 14 and teenagers to us doing it with our own kids, and it’s this tradition for us now," daughter, Kate Hudson shared about their holiday celebration.

The one thing people never regret is making time for the people they love unconditionally. Those are the times that give way to moments that you cherish as a family. For Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, spending time with their family has always been important, especially around the holiday season.


Every year, they share a memorable Christmas with the entire family coming together on Christmas Eve. Together, they trim the Christmas tree and then share a hearty meal in the company of their loved ones. "The kids put on their pajamas and they hang up their stockings and we got the fire going," Russell told Us Weekly at the premiere of The Christmas Chronicles in November 2018.


Following the sunset is an all-time favorite Christmas story, read out to the kids in the family. Russell went on to say, "We always choose to read Twas the Night Before Christmas."

Once the kids hear a bell ringing outside, "The pandemonium sets in. They panic and run upstairs and jump in bed and get under the covers. And then, of course, you have the magic of the next morning and seeing all the gifts and it’s just special," Russell said.


Last Christmas, the celebration was extra special because Hawn's daughter, Kate Hudson was bringing home her own first daughter, Rani Rose, who was just a few weeks old at the time. "It’s her first daughter. She’s got two boys," Russell said in his interview last year. "She’s a little different with the little girl. We’re really happy that she got [a girl]..."

Capturing a moment with Russell and Hawn as doting grandparents, Hudson shared a picture, saying, "Grandma and Grandpa duty..."


They always seem to have a great time when they're together, and a few years ago, on Thanksgiving, Kate Hudson even posted a video of them together doing the "#thanksgivingdancewars challenge"


While the holidays make way for some great fun with the family, Hawn and Russell have also been there for their children during other big moments, too. Hawn made sure she was in the room when her daughter was giving birth to her sixth grandchild, Rani Rose. She "was right in there", looking over the doctor's shoulder, standing close enough to see the baby's head come out.

According to USA Today, Hawn appeared on Ellen and recalled the doctor saying, "Goldie, if you get any closer, you're going to fall in."


Of course, Hawn didn't let go of her own special quirks in the labor room and ate Doritos in front of her daughter. But Hudson told her mother, "Of course I wanted you in the room."

Growing up, Hudson picked up a lot from her mother and said, according to AP, "...we had a great childhood because there was so much love. They were very present parents, surprisingly, for how big their careers were."


Hudson also added, "I am who I am because of my mom, who, above anything else, loves to laugh. I inherited that from her - I love to laugh. She is a big believer in never taking anything too seriously and I like to think I am the same."


She and her siblings have enjoyed a number of family traditions that have carried forward over the years. Hudson told The Fabletics Blog, about her childhood camping experiences with her family, saying, "...we found this place over by a river, where we would go out and build a fire and make s’mores every night. Then that went from us being 14 and teenagers to us doing it with our own kids, and it’s this tradition for us now."

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The family even has a tradition for New Years where they huddle around a bonfire and reflect on the year they have had. "The tradition in our family is that every New Years, we build an enormous bonfire outside our house," Hudson shared. "We write down everything we want to be rid of and we throw it into the fire... It’s like our yearly ceremony. We talk about the things that we’ve accomplished and the things that we didn’t. It’s beautiful."