Couple Stops On The Bridge For A Kiss Only To Go Plummeting Down 50ft To Their Death

Couple Stops On The Bridge For A Kiss Only To Go Plummeting Down 50ft To Their Death

They were returning from a nightclub on the night of the incident. The couple were mountaineers and had just moved to the city to work as tour guides.

Any emotion, in appropriate quantities, does good. But sometimes it does become destructive, without one realizing it. Even a healing emotion like love. In a bizarre and devastating turn of events, one couple realized just how strong the power of fatal love is, as reported by Metro News.

This couple in Peru, Maybeth Espinoz, 34, and her 36-year-old partner, Hector Vidal, were on their way home from a nightclub. At around 1 AM, as they were crossing over Bethlehem Bridge in Cusco, Peru, they decided to stop and share a kiss. According to the surveillance footage, Espinoz was perched on the railing of the bridge as she locked lips with her boyfriend.


The footage shows that after a few seconds of kissing, Espinoz wrapped her legs around Hector. And suddenly she started losing balance. Given the hazy quality of the footage, it is a little unclear whether she wrapped her legs around the boyfriend before she lost balance in a bout of passion or after, as an instinctive reaction to falling. Either way, she started falling backward over the barrier, pulling her boyfriend with her. The footage shows the couple clinging to each other and then desperately reaching for the barrier as they tumbled down.


According to the time stamp on the video footage, the accident occurred at about 1 AM on Saturday, August 3, 2019. According to Mirror, officials said the pair plunged about 50ft from the bridge. A witness saw this incident and raised an alarm. They were rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, Espinoz died on the way to the Hospital de Contingencia in Cusco. Her partner, Vidal, died in intensive care after sustaining a fractured skull.

Their bodies have since been transferred to Ancash in northern Peru. Local authorities also said that Vidal's brother, Edwin Vergara, informed them that the couple was drinking in the nightclub, just hours before the incident. According to Metro, the couple were mountaineers and had moved to the Cusco region to work as tour guides. Cusco is South America’s oldest continuously inhabited city. It also happens to be a starting point for many tourists who visit Machu Picchu.

 According to ABC30, another such incident took place last year in Yosemite Park, where a couple fell from Taft Point on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. This couple fell approximately 800 feet in an area with steep terrain. According to the autopsy report, both were drunk at the time of the accident.




It is saddening when one hears such news about couples dying. All they wanted was to spend some time together, have a good time and let loose for a little time. They were probably just there, celebrating their love, seconds before the mishaps happened.