Kind 5-Year-Old Girl Gives All Of Her Savings To A Friend Who Couldn't Afford To Buy Milk

Kind 5-Year-Old Girl Gives All Of Her Savings To A Friend Who Couldn't Afford To Buy Milk

Sunshine Oelfke wanted to pay for the milk of her classmate whose parents couldn't afford it during snack time.

Sunshine Oelfke, 5, told her grandmother that she was counting out coins for milk from her piggy bank. However, Jackie Oelfke had already paid for her granddaughter's milk at school, so she was naturally perplexed. When Sunshine explained why she was emptying her savings, Jackie was extremely proud of her granddaughter, reports Goalcast. Sunshine had chosen to pay for her friend's milk with the pennies and dollar notes she had initially collected for a snowmobile.



"I'm going to take it for milk money. I'm taking it for my friend Layla," the five-year-old told CBS. She added, "She doesn't get milk—her mom doesn't have milk money and I do." Jackie revealed that Sunshine was reared in a non-traditional family. Her mother is a drug addict who has spent time in and out of prison. Jackie said, "She's going to have enough issues growing up with this. I've never told her she can't do something, and I didn't want to start now." So, the following week, both of them went to meet with Rita Hausher, at Birchview Elementary School and gave her the $30 the child had saved.



Sunshine's class has 20 students, and almost half of them do not receive milk. A container costs $0.45 and for every child in the class to have milk every day during snack time, the cost comes to around $180 per month. Rita Hausher said, "I have always felt sad when I have had to tell a student ‘no’ when they ask if they can have milk." Hausher, like Sunshine, has paid for other students' milk when their family could not afford it. Sunshine's compassion inspired Jackie to create a GoFundMe page to gather funds for all of Sunshine's classmates to have milk for the remainder of the semester, regardless of whether their families could afford it or not. The initial goal was $800 but the internet was moved after they got to know about Sunshine's selflessness through a video posted by Jackie. The fundraiser managed to raise $19,730 for the class.

Hausher commented, "Thanks to Sunshine’s act of kindness for one student, it has grown so much that it now includes everyone, which makes my heart happy." Jackie said, "The money will stay with Sunshine as she progresses grades to make sure her friends get milk, no matter where she is." Sunshine noticed a change during snack time after the donations were delivered to the school. She said, "Guess what! My whole class got milk today."


Sunshine received an unexpected gift as a result of her kindness. The little girl noticed a trailer from the snowmobile firm, Arctic Cat, parked outside her house one morning. The company had heard about her act of kindness and wanted to gift the child her very own snowmobile, rewarding her for the thoughtful gesture.






Cover Image Source: Jackie Sue Oelfke/Facebook