Mischievous Kids Use Alexa To Buy Expensive Toys Using Their Mom's Credit Card | Watch The Reaction When Confronted

Mischievous Kids Use Alexa To Buy Expensive Toys Using Their Mom's Credit Card | Watch The Reaction When Confronted

Veronica Estell thought her relatives had generously got the kids some toys but soon she realized it was her own money.

It is no doubt that kids love toys and they expect to be showered with their favorite toys during Christmas. However, instead of just expecting their parents to go pick out the toys, two naughty children went ahead and ordered all they wanted online. Their mother was astonished by the amount of money they spent on the toys.

According to the New York Post, Veronica Estell was astonished when a delivery driver dropped in a massive load of toys at her doorstep in Detroit. However, she thought the pack consisting of a Barbie Dreamhouse, dolls and PJ Masks figurines were a gift from one of her generous relatives. "UPS showed up with boxes of gifts and all it had on the shipping tag was my name. So I’m like, okay who sent all these great gifts! Whoever it is got money. Then I get ANOTHER knock on the door from UPS so I asked him who sent this stuff? He didn’t know!" wrote the mother on Facebook.  


Soon, she got the answers to her confusion. Her 6-year-old daughter Aryssa, and her 4-year-old son Cam were the culprits behind the massive haul. "So I come back in and my 6yr old says “Cam! Our package came that we ordered from ALEXA!!” wrote the mother on Facebook. The mischievous kids had used their mother's credit card to do a Christmas shopping worth $700 with Alexa. The furious mother wrote, "LAWDDDDD these crazy-ass kids done did their own Christmas shopping and ALEXA helped them and used MY BANK CARD😩😩😩😩😩. Done ordered 700 DOLLARS worth of TOYS! And half of them I done already bought 😩😩😩."


She then posted a video of her scolding the kids. In the video, the mother is seen questing the two little ones. the 6-year-old immediately puts the blame on her brother while Veronica goes through the Amazon boxes. ”Do you know how much money ya’ll just spent?” asks the mother. She then continues, "Smile for ya’ll mugshot because ya’ll are fraudulent. I’m taking you to jail. This is credit card fraud. I’m telling ya’ll daddy." 


Hearing her mother yell, the little girl burst down in tears. Veronica then consoles her saying, "Don’t cry. I’m not going to whoop ya’ll a—es, but this is crazy.” The video quickly became viral and garnered 5.8 million views. She later informed that her money was refunded by Amazon. They also added that she didn't have to return the toys to get the money back. “We’re currently in touch with this customer. When customers order using Alexa, we send mobile notifications to their phone, giving them quick links to easily review the orders,” said the shopping site representative.