Grieving Mom Who's Been Waiting For Missing Son For 29 Years Pleads To Authorities To Keep Searching For Her Baby Boy

Grieving Mom Who's Been Waiting For Missing Son For 29 Years Pleads To Authorities To Keep Searching For Her Baby Boy

Kerry Needham lost her toddler when he was 21 months old while they were on the Greek island of Kos.

Losing a child is painful but it is devastating when you have to live without knowing if they are alive or dead. Kerry Needham was forced to live with such a burden after her son Ben Needham went missing nearly 30 years ago. With many of her questions still unanswered, the distraught mother is urging authorities to look into his missing case once again. 

According to Mirror Online, Kerry begged the authorities to keep searching for her son. Inspired by the developments in the missing case of Madeleine McCann, Kerry wants the investigators to dig deeper to find any information on her son, whom she lost when he was just 21 months old.


“I feel like Ben has been forgotten. I am pleased for the McCann family that their loss is taken seriously. But I feel hurt they don’t think my son is worth hunting for," said the grieving mother, according to Mirror Online. 

Ben from Sheffield went missing on July 24, 1991, on the Greek island of Kos. According to The Sun, the little boy vanished while he was playing near his family's farmhouse on the island. Kerry and the child's grandparents alerted the local police at the time and the officials conducted a search. However, the toddler was not found in the area. Later, on July 26, witnesses came forward claiming that they had seen a child matching Ben's descriptions at the airport. Unfortunately, the authorities could not trace the child.


In September, the family returned from the island with the pledge to continue looking for their little one. Over the years, the grieving mother pleaded to the police and the public for any information regarding her child. In October 2010, Kerry appealed to the public to find her boy who would have turned 21 years old that year.

Finally, the case was reopened by the Greek police in 2011. Nevertheless, the family did not receive any happy news. In 2016, they were asked to prepare for the worst as officials thought the boy was "most likely" dead. According to the BBC, an item that was believed to be in the possession of Ben was found during the searches. As a result, South Yorkshire Police stated the boy might have been accidentally killed by the digger driver, Konstantinos Barkas, who was clearing the land there at the time. Barkas has since passed away. He died in 2015 due to cancer.


"During the course of the inquiries we have made over the last 19 months, we have closed off a large number of theories about what happened to Ben, many of which have been open for over 20 years," said Officer Jon Cousins, according to the BBC. He continued, "My team and I know that machinery, including a large digger, was used to clear an area of land on 24 July 1991, behind the farmhouse that was being renovated by the Needhams. It is my professional belief that Ben Needham died as a result of an accident near to the farmhouse in Iraklis where he was last seen playing."


Kerry and her family were told that the search was put to an end. But the mother reiterated the need to find him. "They know he's dead but just can't find him. Police said it's time we ended our 25-year search. They are right but I can't say goodbye knowing he's still on that island somewhere. I feel physically sick. I can't feel any worse than I do," said Kerry, according to Daily Mirror. She added, "Someone knows where he is. For God's sake, help me find him. We know he's dead but we need to find him. When someone dies you find a special place."


The sad mother demanded the government to provide more funding for the case to find Ben's body. "My child is buried somewhere and without finances, we’ll never find him. That’s unfair and heartbreaking.”