Kelly Clarkson Credits Her Success To Her Selfless Mom's Sacrifices After Her Dad Abandoned Her When She Was Little

Kelly Clarkson Credits Her Success To Her Selfless Mom's Sacrifices After Her Dad Abandoned Her When She Was Little

Kelly Clarkson's mother Jeanne Ann stood by her daughter as she struggled to cope with her father's absence

Every child needs a support system to grow and develop their full potential. While many of us might not have had the chance to have such a person in our life, Kelly Clarkson was fortunate to have an encouraging mother. Despite the hardships she faced, Jeanne Ann made sure her daughter did not feel left out or uncared for. 

The former American Idol winner was raised by her single mother after her father walked out of their lives when she was just six years old. The couple had divorced and Clarkson was sent to live with her mother. Though she remarried and began a new family, Ann was always there for her little girl.


While Clarkson struggled to cope with the abandonment of her father and his absence in her life, Ann tried to fill that void. She did not want her child to go through emotional trauma. Therefore, she did everything she could to put a smile on her daughter's face.

Clarkson once posted an image of herself posing in front of a scenic background on her mother's birthday. She wrote, "The time in my life when my mom would cut out our pictures and put different geographical locations behind us to spice up the art I love you mom! Happy birthday to the coolest mom ever," according to Today


Though money was scarce, the single mother encouraged her daughter's love for music at a very young age with the limited resources she could afford. Speaking to ET about her childhood, Clarkson revealed, "I love that I grew up . . . always having to work for everything . . . I think I appreciate things and I see things . . . my vantage point is a little different than most.”

She further recalled the day her mother bought her a keyboard even though she couldn't afford it. She said the first song she ever wrote was with the help of that keyboard that her mother got via credit card. “It was one of those things that really meant a lot to me because I knew she didn’t have the money," recalled Clarkson to ET. 

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Over the years, Clarkson found refuge in music to heal from the emotional wounds left by her father. Her mother watched her little girl translate her sorrows and pain into lyrics and tunes. Years later when Clarkson became a huge star in the music world, she thanked her mother. She stated, "I always tell my mom, ‘Thank you so much for preparing me for [the music] industry.’”

"She’s so honest and blunt with me. It’s awesome. I’m working on a soul-inspired album right now. It’s the album I’ve always wanted to make, and after she listened to it for the first time, she said, ‘Finally! I’ve been waiting for this record since you were a kid. This is what you should be singing.’ It was so funny. I’d rather have people like that around me than people who stay quiet and don’t have an opinion. I’m the same way," she continued, according to esme.com.

Having accomplished so much in life, Clarkson believes it was her mother's upbringing and unflinching support that paved her way to success. Talking about influential women in her life for a  nonprofit organization CARE, Clarkson stated that her mother was her superhero. She appreciated her mother's hard work and persistence and said, "I wanna pick my mom. She had no education other than high school and just really worked her tail off and made something of herself and became an incredible teacher."


Meanwhile, she tries to implement the values she learned from her mother in the lives of her children. She gives them a taste of her difficult childhood by taking them to do community service. “I was a poor kid, and my mom was a single mother. . . . My kids are obviously growing up very privileged, but I want them to have a servant’s heart. We do community service as a family, and I also call them out on things like getting impatient when they stand in line—because they hardly ever have to. But that’s just the reality of what they were born into," said the 38-year-old, according to esme.com.

Clarkson has come a long way in life but she knows it wouldn't have been the same if it weren't for her mother.