"I'll Kiss Him": For Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman, Spending Christmas Together As A Family Was The Best Present

"I'll Kiss Him": For Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman, Spending Christmas Together As A Family Was The Best Present

Nicole Kidman spends her holidays in Australia with her loved ones. The celebrity couple gives a lot of importance to family.

Like most of us who celebrated Christmas at our homes with friends and families, the busy bees of Hollywood too did the same. For some, it was less about expensive presents and more about spending quality time together as the year comes to an end. Actress Nicole Kidman flew down to her native country, Australia to celebrate the day with her love, Keith Urban and her beautiful girls.

The actress took to Instagram to post a selfie of her reuniting with her love on Christmas. The Oscar-winning actress along with her husband was seen enjoying the beauty of their home town, Sydney. Dressed in a white dress topped with a hat, she posted a selfie with her husband of 13 years. The actress wrote, "From our family to you and yours. Blessings to you all this holiday season."


However, Christmas traditions at the Kidman household may not be exactly what you would imagine it to be. Instead of showering each other with gifts, Kidman and her husband triy to make it more about being with each other. Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress opened up about their family Christmas traditions.

When asked about what she was getting Keith for Christmas, the actress they don't exchange Christmas gifts. Instead, she said she would show him some affection and even added that she along with the kids were his Christmas gifts."I'll kiss him. He's in Australia right now and the girls and I are here, and we're flying to him tonight, so we're his presents!" said the actress, according to Fox News.

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However, she said her girls wanted gifts like any other children. "They sort of want American dolls, and they want candy, and they want ... they want want want," said the 52-year-old mother, according to Daily Mail.

While they will surely get their gifts, Kidman is keen to encourage her daughters to do something good for Christmas. So, the girls are asked to pick the charity of their choice to make donations. "The one thing we are doing, they get to choose a charity to donate to, and we donate," said the actress.

Kidman's husband, Grammy award winner Urban has also spoken of their Christmas holidays in Sydney. He said that it is extra special because his mother gets to see the girls. "My mum so rarely gets to see our girls, so it is extra special," said the singer. The celebrity couple focuses on enjoying quality time as a family and their celebrations revolve around it. "We go to the beach for Chrissy, that is what I know to do. Christmas Eve, we will get around the piano and bang out some carols," said the singer. In 2018, Keith posted a picture of him entertaining his family and friends on Christmas Eve with some music on Instagram. He wrote, "My wife’s got me gigging at our own Christmas Eve party..."


Married for 13 years now, the couple never misses to be with each other during the holiday season.