Keanu Reeves Brings His Mother To Oscars As A Date Proving Mothers Are Always Their Child's First Love

Keanu Reeves Brings His Mother To Oscars As A Date Proving Mothers Are Always Their Child's First Love

Nobody expected Keanu Reeves to bring his mother. They were astonished and talked about it all over the internet.

Keanu Reeves is undoubtedly one of the most popular Hollywood stars. Fans love his movies and moreover, love him for the person he is. The Matrix star, known for his humble demeanor and generous attitude, has been praised several times for his random acts that always catch the public's eye. In addition to that, the star has also won the support of multitudes on the internet.

Once again, Reeves has made headlines. And like most other times, for all the right reasons. Contrary to expectations, the actor attended the 92nd Academy Awards with his dear mother, Patricia Taylor.




Dressed in a black suit, Reeves appeared at the Oscars alongside his mother who is a costume and production designer in the film industry. They stood hand in hand, smiling and waving on the red carpet. Reeves and his dear mum also stopped for a small interview with Ryan Seacrest after posing on the red carpet, according to Huffington Post. Seacrest asked the mother-son duo about the details of Reeves's soon-to-release movie, Matrix 4. However, the mother and the son did not disclose any details. Taylor told Seacrest that she knew nothing about the latest movie and knows only about Matrix 1, 2, and 3.




Meanwhile, fans had an immediate melt-down after realizing the actor had arrived with his mother. They even said the actor deserved the award for "best son." Many took to social media to gush over the actor's latest sweet act. "He is so cute with his mom. Still getting over my Keanu crush from Speed," wrote one Twitter user. Another wrote, "Keanu reeves bringing his mom to the #Oscars is the best thing you’ll see today."  Others shared memes and videos from the Oscars applauding the actor for bringing his mother. Social media users who are already head over heels for the star were swept off the floor by his latest appearance.


However, not everyone recognized Taylor and mistook her for the actor's girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. Despite dating Grant for several years, Reeves only appeared on the red carpet with her recently, according to EOnline. The couple made their debut on the red carpet in November 2019 at the  LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles. The beautiful couple immediately captured the attention of thousands.