Keanu Reeves Could Never Forgive His Dad For Abandoning Him At Age 3|That Trauma Was Beginning Of Reeves' Tragic Life

Keanu Reeves Could Never Forgive His Dad For Abandoning Him At Age 3|That Trauma Was Beginning Of Reeves' Tragic Life

Keanu Reeves did not experience the unconditional and constant love of his father.

Children see their parents as role models and hope to grow under their love and guidance. While many are lucky to have both their parents actively contributing to shaping them as individuals, some are left with unfortunate situations.

Keanu Reeves, the man known for his kind, compassionate, and humble demeanor did not have the childhood every kid deserves. Instead, he was abandoned by his father when he was just a little child.


According to Mirror Online, Reeves's father, Samuel walked out of his life when he was just 3 years old. The little boy was left under the care of his mother, Patricia. His loving mother held on to him and moved around from one place to another.

They lived in Sydney and New York City before ultimately settling down in Toronto, according to CheatSheet. Meanwhile, the young boy did not have much of a relationship with his father. The last time Keanu saw his father was when he was 11 years old.

In 1994, Samuel was arrested for possession of heroin and cocaine and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. However, he was released in 1996. Though the father-son duo has no relationship with each other, Reeves told Rolling Stone in 2000 that his relationship with his dad was painful.


According to Mirror Online, the Matrix star stated, "The story with me and my dad’s pretty heavy. It’s full of pain and woe and f***ing loss and all that s***."

Meanwhile, his father admitted that he was responsible for their strained relationship. Samuel stated that his last memory of Reeves was when he was just a child playing with him in Hawaii's Big Island.

"Occasionally, the spray would wash over the shelf, and the water would rush around our legs, and I would lift him up and hold him really tight. Then this big old wave really almost swept us right out. I caught my boy just as he was being sucked away by knee-deep water. I think Keanu was 11," recalled Samuel, according to Mirror Online.


Samuel added that he tried reaching out to Reeves several times in the past. But was disappointed with no response.

Though Reeves has established a name in Hollywood, his personal life has seen a lot of tragedies other than the abandonment by his father. His only daughter was stillborn and the actor, along with his partner at the time, Jennifer Syme was deeply troubled by the incident. In spite of hearing it all, his father did not even send a note consoling him.


However, Samuel said he is now trying to reconnect and reconcile with Reeves. On the other hand, he admits that Reeves has made it clear that he does not want him in his life anymore. "I pretty much know what he's doing, but he's made it clear that he wants nothing to do with me," said the father, according to Mirror Online.


Though he is pushing to repair the relationship, Samuel stated that his dark past was standing in the way. The man struggled with heroin addiction for 20 years and could not maintain a relationship with Reeves and his sisters.

Looking back, he stated that he was ashamed of his actions and the inability to be there for his own children.  "I'm embarrassed by it all. Keanu said my life was 'tragic' and, oh boy, does that hurt. Sad, yeah? I never figured things would end up this way. But he'll always be my boy," said the father, according to Mirror Online. 

Despite having no love, guidance, or help from his own father, Reeves managed to change his circumstances around. He left school without a diploma after he was expelled. Instead of being upset, the actor used it as a driving force to change his life. At the age of 17, he started taking night drama classes and crashing auditions.

"I worked at some Stanislavsky stuff and I was playing around with sense memory. I started crashing auditions and then I got some jobs and joined the community theater. Then I got an agent," said the actor, recalling his strenuous journey according to whoaisnotme.

Eventually, his hard work paid off and Reeves made a mark in the entertainment world.