10 Times Kate Middleton Paid Tribute To Late Mom-In-Law Princess Diana By Following Her Footsteps in Fashion

10 Times Kate Middleton Paid Tribute To Late Mom-In-Law Princess Diana By Following Her Footsteps in Fashion

With Princess Diana's fashion sense so on point, it seems Kate Middleton knew that one of the best ways to honor her mother-in-law was to take after her in her fashion sense.

Princess Diana may have been bound by the etiquette of the royal family for a long time, but that didn't stop her from making a statement with her sense of fashion. She was able to turn heads simply by walking into the room and the clothes she wore only highlighted her elegance and beauty.

Though she has been gone for more than two decades and sadly, did not have the chance to meet the women who captured her beloved sons' hearts, she has her eldest daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton constantly paying tribute to her.

And the Duchess of Cambridge does it by mirroring the late Princess of Wales' fashion sense. Here are 10 times Kate Middleton bore a striking resemblance to Princess Diana through her style choices:

1. Blue engagement dresses


Much like how elegant Princess Diana looked in her royal blue dress during the announcement of her engagement, Kate Middleton channeled the same grace during hers.

2. High-neck floral patterns


Very few people can pull off such a dress and yet both the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge walked with confidence, only adding to their appeal. 

3. Fully white coat and skirt ensembles


There isn't much needed to highlight their beauty and hence, these simple fashion choices certainly did the trick. 

4. Polka dot love


It seems the two of them shared a common love for polka dots and managed to turn a pretty dress into something stunning. 

5. Fetching in pink


Such a bold color and yet worn so effortlessly. 

6. Pretty plaids


The muted tones of the plaid style didn't make them look any less regal.

7. Respectful fashion


Princess Diana wasn't just a style icon. She was a humanitarian breaking barriers and making waves with her kind and generous heart. Even her fashion choices showed her respect for various cultures. It's a trait that anyone would want to emulate, so Kate Middleton did just that. 

8. Large hair accessories


Most people find it a little difficult to carry off these kinds of hair accessories. But the late princess had a thing for hats and such and it was her talent that enabled her to pick out just what complemented her looks. Looks like Kate Middleton made sure to take notes. 

9. Royal in red


The two mothers marked the joyous day with a color that symbolized love, passion, and heart. 

10. Black from head to toe


These two amazing women never met even once and yet, apart from the obvious similarity in their outfits, they seem to have even looked the same. They could have been sisters when you see this picture side by side.