Terminally Ill 7-YO Girl Loves Dogs: She Gets Surprise Visits From More Than 40 K-9 Officers

Terminally Ill 7-YO Girl Loves Dogs: She Gets Surprise Visits From More Than 40 K-9 Officers

Little Emma, who was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, now has well-wishers from across the world hoping for her recovery

When Emma Mertens and her family called for pictures of dogs on the internet, little did they know that it would result in a visit from the real-life K-9 officers. Seven-year-old Emma had been recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), and after the diagnosis, she asked for pictures of dogs to keep her cheered up, according to Fox News

Her family wrote on a Facebook page called Team Emma, "Hello all! Please share this page as a way for people to post pictures of their dogs instead of mailing or emailing." And what followed was a lovely surprise.


Nearly 40 different departments from around the state of Wisconsin, where she lives, including K-9 officers, visited her at home. In response, her family said, "There are no words... Pure Joy! Thank you to everyone who took the time to organize and participate in this. Emma is still all smiles! Over 35 different departments and many more K9s and officers". Emma was able to spend an entire day cuddling and playing with the dogs. The pictures from her day spent with the canine friends show her and her family smiling.

The K9 Unit of the Hartford Police Department was also present to cheer her on March 9 and on their Facebook page, they said, "Today, just a few of us (roughly 40) stopped by to see Emma. She had no idea we were coming so she was VERY excited. What an amazing and strong little girl. It was such a great morning." The officers in blue received accolades from people across the country for their kindness. 


According to her GoFundMe page, she had a normal weekend in the third week of January. She played with her friends, played in the snow and wrestled with her two brothers and by Wednesday she was rushed into surgery to reduce swelling in the brain. On the intervening Sunday, she had a headache and flu-like symptoms. By the end of January, she had a second surgery now and was preparing for six weeks of daily radiation therapy. 

There has been an outpouring of love for the officers in blue, K-9s and Emma, whose family needed funds to continue her treatment. In fact, the funds collected have been more than what was expected. Of $100,000 they have received more than $126,000 already. 

Jen Marie commented, "This is ONE of the many reasons I love my men and women in blue!❤️❤️ Thank you all for putting your lives on the line for ALL of us and still finding time to help out in other ways. God bless." While another commenter called them "angels" for going beyond their duty to help the ailing child.