Julia Roberts 16 Year Marriage To Danny Moder Has "Some Kind Of Inexplicable Harmony" And Is "The Best Decision" She Ever Made

Julia Roberts 16 Year Marriage To Danny Moder Has "Some Kind Of Inexplicable Harmony" And Is "The Best Decision" She Ever Made

Julia Roberts enjoys a great family life with Danny and her three children. Looking back at how her life turned out to be, the 51-year-old actress is content and happy with her 16 years of marriage life.

Julia Roberts has always been "America's Sweetheart". The actress who has shocked us with her amazing acting abilities over the years is not only a successful actress but also a  great family woman. Though she is a protective mother and wife who prefers to stay away from the public's eye, she recently got candid about her marriage and relationship with Danny Moder.


The Pretty Woman actress met her husband Danny Moder at the sets of the film The Mexican. Two years later, they tied the knot and are seldom be seen in public together. The happily married couple who prefers to maintain their privacy recently completed 16 years together. "I think that first kind of real 'seismic shift' was meeting Danny, getting married to Danny," said the actress to Gwyneth Paltrow in an episode of her Goop podcast, according to E! Online.  She went on to say that meeting her love changed her life in the most amazing and unexpected way. "That was the first like my-life-will-never-be-the-same in the most incredible, indescribable way," said Julia.


When Julia met Danny, a cinematographer, she was already in a relationship with Miss Congeniality star Benjamin Bratt. Meanwhile, Danny was also married to make-up artist Vera Steimberg. However, nothing could stop the magic from happening. Julia recalled that her life changed the moment she met Danny. However, being responsible individuals they decided to sort out their lives before uniting.  "He sorted his whole thing out, separate and apart from me. And I sorted my life out, separate and apart from him. I think that's the only reason we were able to ultimately fall in love with each other and be together," told the actress to Oprah in 2003. Soon the couple started dating and came together to change each other's life forever.

The now 51-year-old actress who loves keeping things simple and low-key had a private wedding and engagement. Julia was reported to have worn an emerald ring worth £3,000 from the mall and was dressed in a pink cotton dress for the wedding. After a year into her marriage, she told Oprah how her life had turned upside down with Danny. "I think it's not so much that I'm happier now than ever; it's that I'm more content. I'm in the harbor of my life. A huge part of it is my marriage. My husband, Danny, has really shined the light for me. Because of being married, I've met people and experienced all these little things that have nurtured my life—not so much changed it, just nurtured it in a way that's astounding," said Julia to Oprah Magazine.


Today, the couple has three children, twins Phinnaeus Moder, and Hazel Moder, 14, and another son Henry Daniel Moder, 12. They seem to stand by each other for the smallest and simplest decisions. "He truly, to this day, to this minute is just my favorite human," Roberts told Goop. "I'm more interested in what he has to say or his point of view just than anybody. Really, we're so lucky in that way. We just really, really like each other and we just enjoy each other's company."

Was "The Best Decision Of Her Life"

Julia opened up about how she found the perfect partner in Danny and believes that her marriage to Danny was the best decision of her life. "It just gets deeper, it just gets more complex... you're young and you fall in love and go, 'Yeah, we're going to get married and we're going to build a house and will have kids,' and all these things that we all kind of dream of, but you don't know if you're going to like the same couch and you don't know if he is going to want to get patterned towels... You just don't know these things until you are right there doing it and we are so fortunate that there is some kind of inexplicable harmony to the way we do things. He's the best decision I've ever made," said Julia.


Being a Hollywood celebrity does not come easy and Julia is no special. Though she hears rumors about her divorce, she makes sure that her family especially her children are not affected by such false news. Julia who is incredibly proud of her marriage said that gossips do hurt her when there is so much happiness in her marriage.


Julia who has always been a private person also joined Instagram on the insistence of her children. Her presence on social media gave her the power to control the fake news that is spread about her marriage. A recent Mother's Day post from her husband Danny is the biggest testimony of their close-knit family. Julia Roberts and her family enjoy a beautiful life. Unlike a lot of celebrities, the actress just likes to preserve and protect their family's privacy.