Julia Roberts Was Missing Her Kids On Her 50th Birthday | Her Husband Of 17 Years Read Her Mind & Got Her A Sweet Surprise

Julia Roberts Was Missing Her Kids On Her 50th Birthday | Her Husband Of 17 Years Read Her Mind & Got Her A Sweet Surprise

Julia Roberts feels her husband is the perfect man for her and thinks marrying him was the best decision of her life.

Being with a person who knows your thoughts and worries even without you addressing it to them is a blessing. It shows how much you are connected to each other as partners. America's sweetheart, Julia Roberts is lucky to have found such a man. Her husband of more than 16 years, Danny Moder truly knows his wife. The Pretty Woman actress revealed the sweetest thing her husband did for her on her 50th birthday in 2018 that showed how much they were meant to be together.


In an interview with EOnline, Roberts spilled out the details of her 50th birthday surprise. In order to make her milestone birthday a memorable and special one, Roberts along with Moder decided to visit a city they have never seen without their children. However, soon enough the loving mother started to miss her three kids.

She could not overcome the thought of not having her children around on her 50th. "A few hours into my birthday, I kind of thought, 'Huh...How funny. I'm not going to see the kids on my birthday. That feels strange," recalled the mother of three. But, that didn't mean she was having a bad time. She was looking forward to an adventurous day with her husband. "We were still having a great time. We had a new adventure ahead of us," added the now 52-year-old, according to EOnline.


Putting her thoughts aside, she decided to look forward to the day with Moder. On the way, the couple stopped at one of their favorite surf shops and Roberts decided to go off to the bathroom while her husband shopped for surfboards. "We go into the back of the shop and I'm in the bathroom. Now, all along the drive, I'm getting texts from friends about the soccer games that are going on, because it was a Saturday. I come out of the bathroom and Danny's holding this surfboard. He goes, 'What do you think about this board, babe?' I go, 'It's gorgeous.' He goes, 'Yeah? Do you think? The color?'" said the actress, according to EOnline.


While she looked at the surfboard and began giving her opinion on it, her husband shocked her with the biggest and sweetest gesture. "He just moves it and all the kids were hiding behind it. And I was so shocked!" said the joyous actress, according to EOnline. She missed her children and her husband just knew it. For Roberts, it was the most amazing romantic gesture ever.


"What it meant, ultimately, is that I'm married to the right person who fully and completely understands me," said the Erin Brockovich star. "I could not have predicted on my birthday waking up in this beautiful place with my husband...We were having the best time," continued the actress to EOnline.

However, the mother of three reminisced how the surprise was almost ruined. "We stopped at a red light near the store, and [the kids] were on the sidewalk," recalled Roberts, who had no idea about it back then. "He actually reached over, and he goes, 'Look at the name of this street!' I wish I could remember the name, because it was something so pedantic. He goes, 'Gee, look at that.' I was like, 'Yeah...' He kind of had a good grip on me. I was like, 'He's so sweet...This is so strange.' Because they were like right there outside the car!" remembered the actress. She admitted that she fell for her husband's instant trick and did not see her children though they were almost in front of her. "I'm very gullible. I don't know if you've noticed. I pretty much believe everything people tell me!" confessed the actress, according to EOnline. 

Roberts and Moder are known to have a great relationship. Moreover, she believes he is her perfect partner and calls marrying him the "best decision of her life"