Jon Bon Jovi Gets His Hands Dirty Washing Dishes In JBJ Soul Kitchen That Feeds the Needy During Pandemic

Jon Bon Jovi Gets His Hands Dirty Washing Dishes In JBJ Soul Kitchen That Feeds the Needy During Pandemic

The rock star got down to business as soon as his summer tour was canceled to be a part of the fight and survival against the pandemic.

While the pandemic has got the worst out of some, it has also been successful in getting the best out of many. Some people have been working day and night to better the society even in these trying times, including some large-hearted celebrities.

While Billy Ray Cyrus is donating 20,000 masks to Native Communities for protection in partnership with Genies, Jon Bon Jovi is not far behind. The summer tour for the band Bon Jovi was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic and Jovi stepped in to work for the society in every way he could, even if it's washing dishes.

The rockstar appeared in a picture where he could be seen washing dishes in his restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen. The post also featured other photos of the staff serving meals with the caption, "If you can’t do what you do... do what you can!" He shared the same picture on his personal handle as well.


In an interview with Howard Stern on The Howard Stern Show, he revealed that he was working at the restaurant five days a week and providing his services to serve meals for those in need, reported Cheat Sheet. Explaining his role he said, “What I do there is I literally am in the kitchen with the chef and the sous chef and the manager of the restaurant." He continued, “That’s it. Literally, I’m in the kitchen washing dishes. I have no interface with those who are outside other than getting in and out of the restaurant. So we’re practicing our social distancing, Dorothea and I.” This also means that any hopes of getting the star's autograph should be buried until the right time arrives.

Talking about the dangers of keeping the restaurant open five days a week, he also discussed about his fears for the whole situation and the precautionary measures that he's taking. “Sure, I’m scared to death. We’ve got the inside and outside clothes. We’ve got the masks and the gloves. For what it’s worth, I probably have the cleanest hands in New Jersey because they’re in the sink for the entire time I’m there. My job is to wash pots and pans and dishes.”


According to CNN, the restaurant set up in Red Bank, New Jersey is a non-profit community restaurant that serves customers who're in need in three different locations across the city. It is popularly known for its service for the needy. It doesn't charge the customers for their meal, rather the diners who can afford to pay can make donations that cover their charge along with someone else's. What's more interesting is that none of the prices are listed on the menu for the meals, reported Today.

The restaurant also gives the diners an option to work as volunteers and work for their own meal but because of the current situation and the concerns regarding the volunteers' wellbeing due to the pandemic, the option has been terminated. Abiding by New Jersey's requirement amid the pandemic, the restaurant is available for "our in-need community only" takeouts with a revised operation timing and limited menu, reported their website.

In the restaurant's earlier Instagram post it said, "If you or your family are struggling for food, we are a resource for you."


The It's My Life hitmaker is a doting father to four kids. He expressed his concerns about them missing out on their prom and freshman years. Looking towards the positive side, he said, “It’s all very daunting but you can’t get into the darkness right now. We just have to do the social distancing. We have to all contribute in that manner because it’s all the little things that add up to get us through this. Otherwise, we get caught up in that mindfulness and we know that’s not good.”

While Bon Jovi and his restaurant are doing their part, there are others who have offered their services during these tough times as well. While Burger King is providing free meals to medical workers since March 20, Moe's Southwest Grill, Chipotle, UberEats, and GrubHub have either opted for providing free delivery or have reduced their delivery charges.