JFK’s Only Grandson, Jack Schlossberg Will Remind You Of His Uncle, & Has Surely Got The Family Good Looks | Images Inside

JFK’s Only Grandson, Jack Schlossberg Will Remind You Of His Uncle, & Has Surely Got The Family Good Looks | Images Inside

Jack Schlossberg is still figuring out his path in life while pursuing his law degree.

John F Kennedy's one and only grandson, Jack Schlossberg has been the talk of the town since his appearance in the Democratic National Convention on 18 August, 2020. While the 27-year-old gave a small speech along with his mother, Caroline Kennedy during the convention, all eyes were on him.

According to E Online, Schlossberg stated, "Times have changed, but the themes of my grandfather's speech—courage, unity, and patriotism—are as important today as they were in 1960," during the speech.


Schlossberg is the youngest of the three siblings, which include Tatiana and Rose, and bares a strong resemblance to his uncle, John F. Kennedy Jr. He is the only surviving male descendant of the Kennedy family born to Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg. Caroline is President John F. Kennedy's only surviving child.

The young man has a diploma from Yale University and has a degree in History with a specific focus on Japanese history. Schlossberg then started his law degree at Harvard in 2017. Appearing on the Today show along with his mother, the young man said he was still trying to figure out his career path.


Though he has a big surname attached to his name, the young man is determined to find his own way.  "I'm still trying to make my own way, figure things out, so stay tuned. I don't know what I'm going to do," said Schlossberg, according to Today. Schlossberg appeared to have the support of his mother in his future plans, regardless of what it was going to be.


“I love my son, Jack, and I would support whatever decision he makes,” said the mother, according to Today. 

While many haven't noticed him much, Schlossberg has dabbled in politics before. He served as page and intern for former Secretary of State John Kerry and was also the one to introduce President Obama during the ceremony that honored Medal of Freedom award winners. Besides, the young man has also written pieces for Politico, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. Additionally, during his diploma years at Yale, Schlossberg wrote for the Yale Daily News and The Yale Herald.


Apart from his interest in politics, Schlossberg is a big fan of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. The actor once messaged him on his birthday and Schlossberg could not hide his excitement. He said  it was "the greatest day of my life." He also added, "Thank you @therock for all that you do for your fans," according to E Online.


Schlossberg was known to be dating his longtime girlfriend, Krissy Jones, a yoga teacher, and studio owner after they met in 2017. Though they made their relationship public in 2019, the couple parted ways, according to Radar Online.


Besides, his sighting sparked a lot of curiosity online. Not having seen Schlossberg in the limelight, the public was quite excited to know more about the handsome young man. Twitter users discussed his looks and many were divided.


While many agreed he looked like his uncle, many argued he looked nothing close to him. "I just gasped. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s son looks remarkably like her late brother/his late uncle JFK, Jr," said one on Twitter. "Wow, Caroline Kennedy's son looks so much like her brother," wrote another user on Twitter. "JFKjr had big brown eyes that were spread wide apart- Schlossberg has pale eyes that are narrow. Thin lips and narrow face. Not like Caroline or Kennedys," wrote another. 



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