Jennifer Aniston Appeared 'Smitten' And 'On Cloud Nine' As Mystery Man Enters Her Life

Jennifer Aniston Appeared 'Smitten' And 'On Cloud Nine' As Mystery Man Enters Her Life

The actress is apparently in love with a mystery man who can be seen in the background of her recent post

Like many of us, the star has had her ups and downs in love. Rumours are now going around that she has found love again and it's doing her wonders, reported the Mirror UK.


The former Friends star is apparently dating a "handsome" mystery man and has recently posted a picture on Instagram where one can see him in the background but not his face, almost as if she is teasing her thrilled fans who are clearly happy for her. While the photo led many to believe that the man was her ex-husband Brad Pitt and that they had gotten back together, it was reported that the man is actually a new love interest and one who has 'helped her move on from all her past hurt'. Aniston is apparently smitten with her new man and it's claimed that she thinks it could be that third time's a charm for her.

Screencapture / @jenniferaniston / Instagram

"Jen's on cloud nine and can't keep the smile off her face.", A source told Closer magazine. 
After her split from Brad, she married Justin Theroux in 2015 but they split up just two years later. She was then seen with Brad on several occasions sparking rumors that they were going to get back together but fate seems to have other plans. Reports say that Jennifer is happy to have found love again and has since kept her distance from Brad for the sake of her new partner. This includes not taking Brad's calls when she is with him. The source added, "While Jen admitted that lines may have been blurred in the past with Brad, she's put strict boundaries in place so her new partner never feels threatened. It's given her the push to establish some healthy distance and heal any heartache she may feel about her past with Brad."