A Potted Jasmine Plant In Your Room Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety, Claims Study

A Potted Jasmine Plant In Your Room Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety, Claims Study

Jasmine flowers are not just pretty to look at but they have numerous health benefits that are not known.

It is undeniable that plants and greenery can create an ambiance indoors that is soothing for your body, soul, and mind. Caught up in the busy city life, a lot of people miss on the wonderful benefits of greenery. The polluted environment and the toxins in the air can play a major role in increasing stress and anxiety, which are often ignored in the din of daily life. However, investing in the right indoor plant can make a world of difference, not just when it comes to the ambiance of your home, but also the state of your mind. Jasmine plant especially has been found to work wonders in reducing stress and anxiety.

Several studies in the past have emphasized the ability of plants to improve air quality, thereby benefitting our health.

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Though there are a lot of plants that can help you cleanse the air you breathe and decorate your homes, a lot of studies and research have focused on the jasmine plant. Not only are these white, fragrant flower, great to look at, but they also have numerous health benefits. Experts suggest that breathing the scent of jasmine can help you de-stress and calm down. They have also been able to establish a direct link between stress and oxygen levels. 

These aromatic flowers are found to boost the effects of a chemical called GABA on the nerve cells and have a positive impact on mental health. The findings by Professor Hanns Hatt is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. In the experiment conducted on mice, aroma and essential oils from jasmine flowers were found to significantly calm them down leading them to a stage of inactivity and quietness. This evidence prompted scientists to conduct further research in the field.

The research conducted Professor Hanns Hatt at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, found that a new class of GABA  receptors could be administered parentally which could have applications in sleep induction therapy and in relieving treatments for sedation, anxiety, and aggression. Jasmine was found to be more effective when compared to sedatives as it increased the GABA effect five times more than others.

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The aromatic flower was also found to help increase sleep efficiencies and reduce movements during sleep. According to Telegraph, research by the Wheeling Jesuit University, led by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, assistant professor of Psychology, found that people who breathed jasmine scent had lower anxiety and vigor. Experts thought it could help students focus on academics as the cognitive tests on participants showed that they were more alert in the afternoon due to the jasmine odor.

Here are a few more benefits of jasmine that will make you want to have them around you.

1. Improves sleep quality
2. keeps the hormones in balance
3. Improves alertness and cognitive performance
4. Treats hot flashes and mood swings
5. Boosts your mood
6. Increases libido

Get yourself a jasmine plant and reap the amazing health benefit from nature.