Together Over 20 Years Now, James Brolin & Barbra Streisand Show Why Opposites Truly Do Attract

Together Over 20 Years Now, James Brolin & Barbra Streisand Show Why Opposites Truly Do Attract

"Who screwed up your hair?" she asked him on their blind date. "He later told me that’s when he fell in love with me."

When there's nothing but true love between two people, even spending two decades together doesn't seem like it's enough. After spending 21 years married to each other, James Brolin and Barbra Streisand have only become stronger in their relationship.

They both had their own separate broken marriages but one blind date turned their love life around. "My husband [James Brolin] and I were set up on a blind date," she told W Magazine. "I met him at a dinner and expected a bearded mountain-man type, and he had cut off all his hair and was clean-shaven. I asked him, 'Who screwed up your hair?' He later told me that’s when he fell in love with me. My fella likes to hear the truth, which is unusual."


They talked for hours on their very first date on July 1, 1996, and stayed up till 3 am talking, even wondering whether they should go in for a kiss or not. They spent a few months talking over the phone while James Brolin was shooting in Ireland. And by November they were ready to go one step ahead and they moved in together, according to Good Housekeeping.


It didn't take them long to realize that they had found the one they were meant to be with. They tied the knot in 1998 and their loved ones could see just how happy they made each other. Marilyn Bergman, who's been a longtime friend of Barbra Streisand said at the time, "In all the years I’ve known Barbra, I’ve seen her happy, but always with a cloud. This time it was a clear blue sky," as reported by People.


“I can’t tell you how lucky I am that this would happen to me so late in life,” James Brolin said about their relationship early on. “Every night is a new adventure. Sleeping is a waste of time. I can’t wait to see her again in the morning.”

Now, after about 23 years together and 21 years out of those married, their love for each other hasn't faded one bit. "This is my third marriage, and I know what trouble can come out of marriage, so I didn't want any reason that I would ever have to be either divorced or married again. We've been in heaven for 20 years, so it works."

When your relationship feels like "heaven", it's surely worth the wait.


They are ready to accept that they both have their own careers and stay focused. But they still continue to make small romantic gestures for each other when they have the time. James Brolin told ET, “I'm always welcome when I get home. I always get notes, ‘Hurry home!’ When I get there, there’s always something kind of great waiting for me, some plan, and I try to reciprocate.”


As they grow older together, they're also growing stronger together. Hand-in-hand, they continue to do the things they love. “We both long to come home to see each other and yet we both love to be in the mix of things at our age,” James Brolin told Fox News. “We should be retired and on rocking chairs. But she is so intent on what she’s doing. As for me, I’m busy all the time. But we come home to each other. The evenings we are always together. The days are just us running and holding our pants up.”


Despite being so different from each other, they manage to make things work and make each other feel loved. “If you look at Cancer and Taurus – not that I’m into astrology, but I’ll click on that if I’m on the computer – almost every time, it says, ‘You guys are magic together,’” he said. "'You’re so opposite that you’re able to work it out.' And that’s what a makes a great team."


After over two decades together, there's nothing they can't overcome. “I think we’re both very opposite and very good negotiators,” he added. “She sees a color that’s one shade and I say, ‘No, it’s another color.’ And then we are able to negotiate around it.”