Jack Nicholson Broke The News To His Partner That He Cheated On Her By Saying "Someone Is Gonna Have A Baby" Proudly

Jack Nicholson Broke The News To His Partner That He Cheated On Her By Saying "Someone Is Gonna Have A Baby" Proudly

Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston were attracted to each other from the moment they met. But their whirlwind romance did not culminate into a marriage.

Every partner deserves to be treated with respect in a relationship. Therefore, it is important to have open conversations with them and tell them in case you are falling out of love.

However, some people take it all for granted and hurt their partner without showing the slightest remorse. Jack Nicholson is one of Hollywood's legendary actors. However, the man is infamously known for his roving eye. Nicholson was in a relationship with actress Anjelica Huston for over 17 years. But the actor broke her heart by betraying her trust.


After years of being with each other, Nicholson revealed he fathered a child with another woman. In 1989, the actor took Huston out for dinner and in the middle of it, abruptly announced that "someone is gonna have a baby," according to Vanity Fair.

According to her, "There was a top note of pride in his voice" and gave her "an odd sense of déjà vu". "It reminded me of the day Dad told Tony and me about the existence of our baby brother, Danny, when he was a toddler and we were teenagers summoned to Rome to meet him," said Huston.

Nicholson cheated on his partner with Rebecca Broussard, another actress. The news devastated to Huston. She did not want to be with a man who was unfaithful.

“There’s only room for one of us women in this picture, and I am going to retire from it,” said Huston to the actor. She broke up with the actor the moment she came to know more about the his infidelity.


In an article published by Playboy, another woman claimed to have had an affair with Nicholson. Apart from feeling heartbroken, Huston was furious. She confronted the actor at his place a few days later. “He was coming out of the bathroom when I attacked him. I don’t think I kicked him, but I beat him savagely about the head and shoulders. He was ducking and bending, and I was going at him like a prizefighter, raining a vast array of direct punches," said the actress, according to Vanity Fair.


Recalling the incident, Nicholson told Parade, "I knew having a child was a boon to my life, but I was in a wonderful relationship with Anjelica. It was as good as it gets. I immediately told her what was up, and she made the decision for us. Anjelica’s first response was, ‘You have to support this woman,’ Her second response was to come down to my job and beat the hell out of me. She really beat me up, I tell you," according to Huffington Post. Though the couple parted ways after the episode, they still remained friends.

Nicholson met Huston in 1973 when she attended his birthday party at his home on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. In her memoir, Watch Me, Huston stated that she danced with the actor for hours and spent the night with him. Their attraction towards each other was instant and days later, they began dating. However, their relationship had its highs and lows.


Nicholson was one of the sought after actors and he received a lot of female attention. Though he was in a relationship with Huston, Nicholson never refrained from enjoying the affection he got from other women.

In her memoir, Huston recalled one such incident. The couple was at the Cannes Film Festival in 1974 and a group of French girls approached the actor. When asked if he wanted to go out for a ride with them, Nicholson left his girlfriend and took off with the girls. “He’d get on the bike and leave me standing on the sidewalk. I would just retire to our hotel room in tears," remembered the actress, according to Cheat Sheet

Though she was disappointed by his actions, Huston thought Nicholson would one day marry her and realize they were meant to be. When asked if they had thought about tying the knot, Nicholson told People that they didn’t “get around to it." He added, "I ask her to get married all the time. Sometimes she turns me down, sometimes she says yes."


However, Huston's version of the tale was slightly different. She claimed that the actor never proposed to her despite describing her as "the love of my life."

She further revealed that the idea of marriage was often brought forward by the actor's lawyer or business manager for "strictly unromantic" reasons. She stated it was “possibly because they saw this as a way to save Jack a lot of money in taxes,” according to Vanity Fair.

In spite of all this, Huston stayed with Nicholson for years. The actor even credited her for the longevity of their relationship. "Most of the credit for our wonderfully successful relationship has to do with her flexibility," said Nicholson to People.

Despite Huston's efforts, her partner disrespected her and broke their commitment.