Italians Locked Up In Their Homes Due To Coronavirus Are Singing Together From Windows, Balconies, And Doorways

Italians Locked Up In Their Homes Due To Coronavirus Are Singing Together From Windows, Balconies, And Doorways

What a heartwarming way to show solidarity in this time of crisis.

The streets are empty and the roads are deserted. But amidst the lockdown that has taken over Italy, there is good cheer in the air as people find a way to remind each other that they are still one through this time of despair.

After the pandemic of the coronavirus severely took over the country of Italy, the country has been on a nationwide lockdown that began this week. Despite being locked up in their homes, the people are boosting each other's morale and uplifting the community's spirit by singing patriotic songs, according to The Guardian.

Neighbors are leaning out of their windows and standing on their balconies, singing together popular folk songs and letting their voices echo through the empty streets.

A video shared by David Allegranti, a writer for Il Foglio showed the quarantined residents of Siena singing a heartwarming rendition of a local folk song. The impromptu performance of the residents singing to each other from their windows and doorways was lauded by people on social media.


The popular folksong, titled Canto della Verbena (And While Siena Sleeps) is one that stirs feelings of local pride, according to Independent.

Following the Italian prime minister's announcement of restrictions to be implemented in the country to get the Covid-19 situation under control, the lives of residents in Italy came to a standstill. People were to remain quarantined while only banks, grocery stores, and pharmacies were allowed to be open. In a situation like this where people are taking precautions and staying indoors, seeing neighbors singing in unison was a ray of hope.

HuffPost reports that it is unclear who took the video. Nevertheless, the footage a touching sight for the internet to see.

The people of Sicily also came out to their balconies with instruments to sing their hearts out.


Those living in Naples chose to sing Abbracciami, a song by the pop artist, Andrea Sannino.


Parts of Italy even heard the country's national anthem proudly sung by people peering through their windows and balconies.






For some, it didn't matter that they couldn't go out dancing over the weekend; they just turned their balconies into makeshift clubs and grooved to the Macarena song.


People were touched by the many videos shared on social media and praised them for being able to add some joy to a morose situation.










Ever since the coronavirus broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the Cantonese phrase jiayou, translating to "don't give up" or "hang on in there" has been frequently said and used to keep the people's spirits going, according to The Guardian. Now that the situation has grown at an alarming rate in Italy as well and with schools and nurseries shut, children have been leaving notes with the Italian equivalent of the phrase in their neighborhoods. It's little things like these that show people they are not alone and the entire community is rooting for them in the fight against the coronavirus.

In Europe, Italy has been the country that was most affected by the coronavirus. The count has reached 17,660 confirmed infections and 1,266 deaths so far. But the people of the country, with their singing and cheering, show that they are determined to keep their chin up and remain positive as they wait out the worst.