Married For 60 Years, Couple Die Just 2 Hours Apart Due To Coronavirus | Their Son Couldn't Even Hug Them Or Say Goodbye

Married For 60 Years, Couple Die Just 2 Hours Apart Due To Coronavirus | Their Son Couldn't Even Hug Them Or Say Goodbye

Luigi Carrara and Severa Belotti died alone away from each other, yet in the same hospital, after spending years together.

Coronavirus has taken the lives of many in the last couple of days, especially in Italy. And among the many grievous stories that are coming out on the internet, this is perhaps among the most touching stories. It is about an Italain couple.

According to the New York Post, Luigi Carrara and Severa Belotti were married for over 60 years. The couple was infected with the coronavirus and was confined to their home in Albino, in the northern province of Bergamo for over eight days. After days of running a fever of 39 degrees Celsius (102.2 Fahrenheit), the 86-year-old retired bricklayer was admitted to a local hospital on 7 March 2020. The following day, his wife was also taken to the hospital, according to the Daily Mail.


However, they did not survive. Just days after on 10 March 2020, both of them bid farewell to the world. One of them passed away at 9:15 am while the other passed away just less than two hours later at 11 am. Their son Luca Carrara who could not see them during their last moments is heartbroken by their deaths.

He claimed that he had tried to reach out to the emergency services beforehand. However, the unavailability of doctors left his parents trapped in their homes for a long time. He also added that the conditions at the hospital are disastrous. He said the doctors were leaving the elderly to die, according to the Daily Mail. 

Moreover, being denied a chance to say goodbye to them has left him furious. "They died alone, that’s how this virus works," said the devastated son, according to NZ Herald. He continued, "Your loved ones are left alone and you can’t even say goodbye, hug them, try to give them some comfort. [You can’t even tell them] a good lie like, ‘Everything will be fine.’"


The grieving son, who is also under quarantine with his other family members, took to social media to pay tributes to his loving parents. “Hello, Mom and Dad, this evil virus has taken you both the same day, will you continue arguing up there? Surely, but then you will end with a hug," wrote Luca, a utility worker.

He even added that their bodies will not be cremated soon due to a large number of deaths. Instead, they have been temporarily moved to a cemetery. Luca further added it was important for people to say indoors. According to Daily Mail, he said, "My father was 86, he was an old man, yes, but he had no previous illness. People have to understand that they have to stay home because it is okay for them to keep saying that the victims are just old, but when it happens to their parents, it's really difficult."

He also said that the loss of his parents had made his time in isolation worse. "In one day I lost both my parents. But as my father always said, let's move on," said the man, according to Daily Mail.