If You Can Have These 4 Intimate Conversations With Your Partner, You Have A Strong Relationship

If You Can Have These 4 Intimate Conversations With Your Partner, You Have A Strong Relationship

Partners refrain from talking about their needs and wants in their sexual relationship. This can put their relationship at risk.

A relationship is the coming together of two different individuals with different likes and dislikes. It gives the partners involved to share their fears, hopes, vulnerability, dreams or everything imaginable. However, a lot of couples refrain from having one of the most important conversations when it comes to relationships, and that is about sex.

No matter how long you have been with your partner, speaking about sex can make big differences in your relationship. According to Very well mind, though experts believe that a majority of marriage problems are due to financial problems, sex, and sexuality issues also rank high. It stated that people were more comfortable to talk about such issues on online platforms than their own partners. Though we know it is vital to have such conversations, we hold ourselves back. 

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When two people are involved in a physical relationship, you cannot expect your partner to know what you want unless you talk to them about it. “Imagine going to a restaurant where the chef served you whatever he or she felt like fixing instead of giving you a choice. Imagine a gardener who never asked, ‘How do you like your bushes trimmed?’ Yet when it comes to sex many of us assume that we know what our partner wants, or we clam up instead of giving feedback,” says Paul Joannides, a psychologist in an article by American Sexual Health Association.

If you and your partner cannot make any of these conversations with each other, your relationship is at risk:

1. Boundaries in sexual play

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Every individual has their own set of sexual dreams and fantasies. According to the American Sexual Health Association, it is perfectly ok to keep it to yourself. However, talking about it can make your sex life more satisfying and fun. You might be uncomfortable with a particular body part or might not be willing to explore a particular interest of your partner. If both of you fail to address this, it might create unnecessary troubles in your sexual relation which can thereby affect your relationship in the long run.

2.  Safety and contraception

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When you are in a long term relationship with someone involving sexual activity, it is crucial to talk about birth control so that you can avoid unwanted pregnancies as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. It won't be easy to have such a conversation but it is unavoidable. If you feel that you and your partner are not open to talking about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual histories, you should take a step back. By not having these talks, you and your partner are risking your sexual health and might also disrupt the harmony of a good relationship. 

3. Likes and dislikes

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You can never expect your partner to know what pleasures you, just because they are not super humans who can get into your mind. According to Very Well Mind, communication is the key to great sex. No matter how young or old is your relationship, talking about your likes and dislikes in sex is a great way to ensure a healthy and satisfying sexual life. 

4. Frequency of sexual activity 

The two partners in the relationship may be part of different work schedules. While you might have had a great day at work, your partner might have had a tiring day. They might not be in the mood to have intercourse. This is where talking about the frequency of sexual activity plays a role. When you talk, you will understand why your partner does not want to have sex. They might not be neglecting you but might be too tire and wants to collapse on the bed. Therefore, opening up about such things and discussing and negotiating when to have sex may help resolve misunderstandings. It is important to know its normal says Psychology Today