Food, A Home & "A Nice Doll" Is All This Innocent 7YO Asks For In Her Heartbreaking Letter To Santa, This Year For Christmas

Food, A Home & "A Nice Doll" Is All This Innocent 7YO Asks For In Her Heartbreaking Letter To Santa, This Year For Christmas

Instead of asking for many toys to play, a little girl wanted her family to enjoy Christmas with a roof over their head and some food to eat. Her letter touched the hearts of many.

With Christmas around the corner, we are excited to start the celebrations in full swing. While some have already fulfilled their kid's list of presents, others are excited to buy them beforehand. However, unlike most kids, a little girl from England did not want the latest gadgets or toys. Her request was simple but heartbreaking at the same time.

According to Fox News, a 7-year-old from England wrote a letter to Santa asking him for the most basic things every child would need. The innocent child asked Santa to give her and her family the gift of a home and some food on Christmas. The anonymous girl dropped the letter in a special Santa mailbox that was located at the L6 Community Center in Liverpool. The box had been put at the location for children to write down their wishes for Christmas.

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The heartbreaking letter said, "Dear Father Christmas, Can you help? Can we have a home for Christmas? Mam wants us to be all together. Can you give us some food and can I have just a nice doll for Christmas?"

The little girl's letter touched Labour councilor Gerald Woodhouse. The man tweeted the letter and wrote, "Last week @L6Centre we started getting down Xmas decorations we placed The Santa post box in the cafe until grotto is set up. Today, I went into @L6Centre to sort food parcels for residents while passing post box I looked in it!! Just read a 7 yrs old letter..."


He later told Skynews about the impact the letter had on him. "I stopped by yesterday, and I opened the post box and saw the letter there. It was so upsetting to read. I know the children, and it's not right that a seven-year-old child is worrying about Christmas in November. There is no one around to support these children." However, he said he was not surprised by the request of the little girl. 

"It's only going to get worse. A few weeks ago we were sitting down with a few of the kids from the centre. One child said, 'I just want to be warm this Christmas'. These kids know their parents have not got the money this year for presents. We are seeing first-hand how difficult it is, and it is just so upsetting," said Woodhouse.


He also informed that the community center was trying to help the little girl's family. The center is trying to accommodate the family in a hotel for Christmas. The child currently lives with her relative. Meanwhile, the heart-touching letter that was posted online received great support from people all across the internet. While some showed their sympathy to the girl, others were ready to make donations to the non-profit organization. "The sweet innocence of a child believing that santa can help. Heartbreaking. Why did we let it get this far?" wrote one. Another said, "This has broken my heart. I'm donating my time and stock to paint the kids faces at the L6 Christmas party... Can't bear this."