Influencer Mocks Young Girl On The Streets With A Bottled Beverage In Heartbreaking Video

Influencer Mocks Young Girl On The Streets With A Bottled Beverage In Heartbreaking Video

This heartbreaking incident comes just a day after influencer Motara rose to fame for her inspiring grass to grace story.

Today youngsters are most affected by the social media influencer community who share their attractive way of life with the world. But what most fail to understand is not everything that glitters is gold. At some point or the other, these people reveal their true colors, and it is far from the kind and genuine persona they present online. This time it was a Nigerian Twitter influencer who got caught up in the mess after doing something that was heartless, to say the least. Motara, who amassed followers after sharing her grass to grace story, stunned her audience after sharing a petty video of herself teasing a child with an offer of something to drink.



In the since-deleted video, the influencer could be seen driving in traffic as a child approaches her. Motara then asks the little girl if she wanted to have a drink and the kid responds with an affirmative. Little did she know that the woman in the car had no intentions of giving her that drink. The tragic scene that followed shows Motara teasing the child by placing the mouth of the bottle near the girl's mouth while her car's window is still up. As she starts driving away, the little girl can be seen running behind the influencer's car hoping to get that drink, but the woman continued to tease her with the bottle.



The scene ended in Motara bursting into laughter at the plight of the girl before gulping down the drink herself and driving off. Despite the pettiness of the situation, the social media personality decided to share the video on her WhatsApp, according to Naira Lovers.com, with the caption, "I’m shitty, I know, I gave her money las las sha." Although Motara revealed that she did give the kid money, people simply could not overlook the way she treated that poor child. Motara was quick to delete the video but others had already captured it and uploaded the clip on Twitter. Soon the influencer was flooded with criticism after the video sparked immense outrage on the internet.



User @smadatim13 shared: Lol... You called it a joke and justified it but couldn't see the fun and joke in Motara's video? If you fail to see that joke as being insultive then you have no moral right to condemn the lady. Know it and have peace. Another was of the view that Motara needs to apologize to the young child and not to her followers on Twitter. Motara's apology shouldn't be to Twitter NG but to that young lady who was hawking to make a living all by herself. The lady's self-esteem & mental health have been attacked. Motara needs to go out tomorrow, locate that lady & apologize deeply to her, expressed Tope Akinyode. One Twitter user also blasted the emotionless person who was recording this video. Motara and the person that recorded that video don’t have sense, you saw what she was doing and in your sensible mind was recording too, wrote @Hello Semiloore. 



Surprisingly, there were some people who thought that the matter should have ended with Motara's apology. User Augustine Uwandu expressed: Why is there so much disrespect on this space. The lady did stuffs that was wrong, realized her mistake and apologized and instead of letting it go, some of you resort to making her feel terrible. Oh wrong nah. Not nice. User Bob Geoffrey wrote: Nothing concern me and the dragging... I saw a story that was inspiring to me and I loved and still love it. Anything else outside that is none of my business. A happy Sunday to you and I hope the lady felt it too. Apparently, Motara tried to defend herself saying her actions were meant to inspire the young girl, but people are not buying it.