Infant Found Alive In Dead Mother's Lifeless Arms|She Cradled Him to Protect Him During Plane Crash That Killed Her

Infant Found Alive In Dead Mother's Lifeless Arms|She Cradled Him to Protect Him During Plane Crash That Killed Her

Everyone including the child's parents and his nanny were killed in the crash.

Some mothers can the epitome of sacrifice by always put their child before themselves. A recent incident from Colombia is just another reminder of how unconditional a mother's love can be. A mother tightly held onto her baby when she knew she was not going to make it alive during a plane crash, just so her baby could stay alive.

According to Mirror Online, Mayerly Diaz Rojas and her husband Fabio Grandas lost their lives after their plane, HK 2335-G met with an accident just hours after they took off from Santa Marta. However, their son Martin survived the deadly crash.


In fact, his mother made sure her boy survived. During the final minutes leading to her death, Mayerly held on to her boy tightly while using her body as a shield to save her little one.

Following the accident that took place in Ubate on October 13, 2020, rescuers found the baby boy among the wreckage of the plane. According to the local media, the child was found in the arms of his lifeless mother. After being given emergency medical attention, the child was taken to the Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota University Hospital for further treatments. Later, the local media stated Martin's condition was stable.


Martin's nanny, Nuris Maza was also one of the victims of the horrific crash.

According to a translated version of an ABC Aeronautico report, Martin's mother was a lawyer who specialized in telecommunications law and his father was a renowned doctor in Bogota. The couple has two other children. Luckily, they were not on board that day. 

Authorities are still trying to find the reason behind the crash. The documents that they discovered upon investigation stated the plane was technically sound. "According to initial information, the plane had all of its technical documentation up to date," said the authorities, according to The Sun.


Martin's father, Fabio Grandas, was the one manning the plane. The family was headed for Guaymaral. 

The Colombian Civil Aviation authorities released a statement after the unfortunate incident. They expressed their "solidarity with the families of the victims" and added, "a baby, who was also traveling in the aeroplane, is being attended at this time in an assistance center."


As per ABC Aeronautico, Fabio was a humanitarian who was involved in activities that focused on helping vulnerable Colombians like providing medical care to people in remote areas in the country. He worked closely with the Civil Air Patrol for several years.

Several plane accidents have been reported in Colombia for the past few years. According to Zenger, two other accidents were reported this year in the country, one of which killed four. In 2016, 71 people became victims of a major crash with only six surviving it.