12 Illustrations That Show The Love Between Long Term Partners Even While Doing Chores

12 Illustrations That Show The Love Between Long Term Partners Even While Doing Chores

Couples who love each other find joy in simple things. These illustrations will show you few instances from their daily lives.

Couples in long term relationships, do a lot of things together whether it is spending time together watching their favorite movie or cleaning the dishes after a delicious dinner. Even in the simple, small things they do, their love and support for each other are very evident. They might not say "I love you" every day but these things prove the depth of their relationship that is beyond words. Here are a few illustrations that will show you the love and joy shared by long term couples in everyday life.

1.  A stroll to the grocery shop is just another romantic walk with a few bags


2. They are the chef. I just like to be there with them


3. But sometimes, one of us sheepishly adds to their work just a bit ... "oops"


4. It's confusing but together we just can do anything


5. When I am stressed, they know exactly what will cheer me up


6. This is not a fun chore, but when they are next to me it seems fun


7. They can multitask but what if my helping hand take the load of her shoulder 


8. Mornings are lazy but our routine together is a boost


9. They love a hobby, and though I may not understand it, I will continue motivating them


10. I am the storyteller today while they take some time to breathe


11. A foot massage, while they are not well, makes a big difference


12. I am no superman but I can be hers...