15 Illustrations That Show The Loveable Reality Of What A Long-Term Relationship Looks Like

15 Illustrations That Show The Loveable Reality Of What A Long-Term Relationship Looks Like

The longer you spend time with them, the more you see of their quirks and weird habits. And of course, fall even more deeply in love.

"As you mature, the relationship matures with you" — that's what people usually say. But some might question the maturity part of the idea. The longer you spend with your partner, your true colors come. And you and your partner start falling in love with each other even more, through the childish quirks and the strange habits and through the endless arguments about what is the ideal temperature for a bedroom.

The Instagram account, Kellie and Pete, wonderfully depicts what a relationship looks like, along with bits of what it's like to raise their toddler, Poppy. It shows how couples create a safe space for themselves and anyone who's been in a longterm relationship would relate. Take a look.

1. What's the best part about a relationship? Unlimited, free-cuddles for life. Duh!


2. How to score brownie points? Piece of cake.


3. When you and your partner try to be sensual and you just get into the mood when...


4. In a long-term relationship, 2:00 am is a great time to bring up that argument from all those weeks ago


5. When you're sick of being sick, your partner still listens to your umpteenth request


6. You're ready to sacrifice your cuddle-partner for only a few exceptions


7. A couple that applies face packs together, stays together


8. Wedding vows should be changed to "For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, through ever-fluctuating temperatures"


9. But sleeping without them is something you have forgotten to do so you sing "aaalllll..... baaaaaa....... maaaaaa...... seeeelllf"


10. When you don't want to be left alone in the house with a bunch of over-excited toddlers


11. You both are still fighting but you can't fall asleep while being mad at each other


12. Exhausted mother: "Is there any corner in this house where I can get 2 minutes to myself?"


13. At the beginning of the relationship, you'd politely say, "sorry honey, I'm not in the mood". But now...


14. "Must cuddle"... "No! Too hot too cuddle!"... "But must touch!"... "Perfect..."


15. There is only one place on the entire earth that will always be your safe place