16 Illustrations That Capture What Love Looks Like In A Long-term Relationship When Nobody Else Is Watching

16 Illustrations That Capture What Love Looks Like In A Long-term Relationship When Nobody Else Is Watching

They show you a side of theirs that the world will never see, just like how you are only truly yourself when you're with your partner.

You never imagined that life would become so simple, easy, fun, romantic, chaotic, silly, and sometimes childlike, all at once when you feel so deeply connected to someone. You and your partner become so comfortable in the relationship that you are never afraid to be truly yourself. And when nobody's watching, that's when you both are in your own little comfortable world, doing the most typical couple-like things, as Dina Odess depicts through her illustrations on Instagram. Take a look at them and you will surely relate. 

1. You've planned a romantic evening and picked the perfect movie, but 10 minutes after the opening credits, this happens...


2. When you rediscover your favorite song from the 90s...

...and your partner has no choice but to hear you sing it in the bedroom, in the shower, in the car, at the dining table, basically everywhere. 


3. When "no" means "yes"

Partner: "Do you want some walnuts?"
You: "No"
Partner: (Opens a few extra ones because they know when your "no" means "yes")


4. Personal space? There's no such thing in a longterm relationship. 


5. When you let your inner-child come out in front of each other...

...and sometimes forget that you're in public. But you know that with them, even doing laundry becomes fun.   


6. On nights where you just can't sleep...


7. ..."Oops"...


8. ...And then they wrap their arms around you and you drift away into a peaceful sleep


9. "Your wardrobe... my wardrobe... what's the difference?"


10. Even those quiet moments say so much when you're together


11. There's no such thing as "too close"


12. But even if it isn't a king-size bed, even the carpet's good enough to have endless conversations until you fall asleep next to each other


13. There's nobody else who's ever made you feel so loved


14. The little things they do make you forget all your worries


15. You can no longer imagine life without them


16. Years later, you go down memory lane together and can't believe how the time has passed