12 Illustrations That Show The Truth Of Sharing A Bed With Your Long-Term Partner

12 Illustrations That Show The Truth Of Sharing A Bed With Your Long-Term Partner

Kisses, kicks, snores, and cuddles are unavoidable when you are sharing your bed with your partner. However, no matter how annoyed you are, you always wish to have them beside you.

Having a partner and being in love is a beautiful feeling. Though we might dislike a lot of their habits, our love for them is so strong that we no longer care about it. Whether it is kicking us at night in their sleep or annoying us with their snores, we tend to brush it off. Sometimes, it is a struggle to enjoy a peaceful sleep with your partner twisting, turning or even being a little too playful. However, nobody can deny the perks of sleeping with the one you love. Those warm kisses and soft cuddles are more than enough to compromise for the annoying snores. Here are a few illustrations that will show you the bitter and sweet reality of long term couples sharing the bed.

1. Icy toes yet they don't want the blanket. Sounds very familiar...


2. Push or pull but the blanket remains in the center


3. I am not sure what is wrong with that side of the bed today


4. If she cannot sleep, how can I?


5. His snore is not music to my ears


6. When my partner forgets boundaries 


7. I wanted to lie down but he needs me 


8. Is that beef casserole I smell from 2 nights ago? 


9. She has decided to do some stretching in her sleep


10.  When he is not around, it's not fun. I miss the snores and the kicks 


11. I stare at him when he sleeps because that's the only time he is silent 


11. She makes sure I don't sleep before her 


12. This is the best part of sleeping together