I Care About You Deeply. But If You Don't Treat Me Right, I Won't Hesitate To Walk Away

I Care About You Deeply. But If You Don't Treat Me Right, I Won't Hesitate To Walk Away

I am an individual who chose to share my life with you. But you don't appreciate it and it's not fair on me to waste my time hoping you'll come around.

We've had our rough patches just as any other couple. We've fought and thrown words at each but I always prided ourselves on being able to resolve our issues and move forward. At least I thought that in the beginning. But now you've made it easier for me to see the cracks in our relationship. I see all the tiny scratches that have led to this huge spiderweb break and I don't think I can take it much longer. In fact, I know that I don't deserve what you're doing to me and it won't take much for me to pack up and walk out the door. 

I'm always there for you and you take that for granted


I've always dropped everything when you've needed me. I've been doing it for a long time but now I realize that you don't actually appreciate it. You just take the fact that I'll be ready to do anything to be at your side for granted. It's sad that you truly believe that I'm meant to be at your beck and call. I have my own life and if you can't appreciate the fact that I take time out of it for you, then as much as I care for you... I'm walking. 

You just don't put in the same effort that I do

I feel like I'm the only who actually cares about this relationship because you never seem to want to sit down and talk about how to solve our issues. It feels like I'm the one always apologizing when we fight even if I know it's not my fault. Not to mention, if I say something you don't like, you shut me out. Shut me out long enough though, and soon you won't even have me to shut out. 

I'm proud of your success but you keep mocking mine


Whenever you achieve your goal, like getting a promotion or finally visiting a place you've always wanted to, I've never been prouder. But when I do the same, you belittle it - as if my goals never matter as much as yours. I didn't work so hard for so long for you to treat my success as scum underneath your shoe and I certainly won't take it anymore. 

I share my insecurities but you dismiss them so easily

I trusted you. It's why I felt like I could share my fears or insecurities. I had faith that you would try to assuade me or help me overcome them. Instead, you just acted as if it's because I'm being "overly emotional". You think I say things just to get attention. One, I'm not young and naive to want all the spotlight. Two, just because you don't suffer the same insecurities doesn't mean mine are invalid. 

I don't judge you but you enjoy criticizing me

I love you despite all your quirks and flaws. I know that they don't define who you are and I never judge you for them. But it's not the same for you because I just never seem to be good enough for you. Anything that I do seems to strike you the wrong way and you enjoy telling me and proving me wrong.  

I support your dreams but you never support mine


I know how hard it is to be able to chase your dreams especially when you have people telling you that you can't make it. Yet, you do that to me even after I bend over backwards to make sure that you have space and support to achieve your dreams. My dreams are not less important than yours. Initially, I would've shared them with you but now, you no longer have that privilege. 

You say you love me but your actions don't match your words

Action speaks louder than words and you are proof of that. You think that professing your love to me in a grand manner or just saying the three little words is going to make me forget all the ways you've disrespected me. You think it is going to make me forget all the times you've made me feel guilty for being who I am. But I'd like to tell you this now... you don't have the power to make me feel bad about myself. And if you don't change your ways and treat me with the respect I deserve, then I'm gone.