Wife Discovers Husband's Secret Instagram Account And It Was A Beautiful Surprise

Wife Discovers Husband's Secret Instagram Account And It Was A Beautiful Surprise

Rachael Sullivan stated that her husband was very determined to get her back to good health.

One wife is gushing over her husband after she found his secret Instagram full of recipes that he curated for her. According to Today, Rachael Sullivan stumbled upon her husband Tom's account accidentally. She stated, "It was on the 'people you may know' section. It said 'Tom Sullivan @MealsSheEats,' and I was like, 'Who is this 'she'?'" 


The curious woman who clicked on the images in the account was touched by her husband's posts. It contained recipes of food that he had prepared for her over the past year to help her regulate her hormones. 


Speaking of her medical trouble, she stated, "I went to the doctor for a checkup and my hormone levels came back all whacked out and I had cysts near my ovaries. That's when I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome." She added, "They recommend you do a gluten- and dairy-free diet, and Tom just went full force into it."

Meanwhile, Tom stated that he initially started the account to keep track of the recipes he was creating. The man who has been a home cook for the last 11 years said that he often combined different recipes along with his own style to create the final one. 


"I have all these recipes everywhere. An Instagram page just seemed like an easy place to organize them. It was for when Rachael would say, 'Hey, what was that meal you made here,' or when friends would ask what Rachael posted on her Instagram and ask for the recipe," said the husband. 


He further explained that the recipes he created for Rachael were inspired by a from the book "Woman Code" by Alyssa Viti. The book offering information on the kind of food women should eat to maintain their hormonal balance allowed the enthusiastic husband to design efficiently. 

Luckily, Tom's determination earned results. "Tom knows more about menstrual cycles than most women do. And, I'm six months regulated right now, which is super exciting," said the proud wife. 


After finding her husband's account, Rachel shared the story of her husband on Tik Tok. Unsurprisingly, the story went viral and garnered a lot of attention online. Since then, Tom saw a rise in the number of Instagram followers. 

The couple hopes to increase their chance of conceiving by following a proper diet and keeping their health in check. Concluding her Tik Tok video, Rachel stated, "I literally love this man so much. And there's nothing I want more in life than to just have his babies."