Husband Tells Wife He Hoped She Had Died During Childbirth: "I Wished You Died On That Bed; I Prayed You’d Bleed Out"

Husband Tells Wife He Hoped She Had Died During Childbirth: "I Wished You Died On That Bed; I Prayed You’d Bleed Out"

The woman confronted her husband but he ignored her and went off to sleep.

Going through pregnancy is challenging, and every woman hopes to receive the love and support of their loved ones. One woman thought her husband would stand by her and help her go through it. However, her expectations were all shattered by her husband's insensitivity. 

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According to a Reddit post, the mother of three stated that she had just given birth to their third child. She added that she had to rely on her partner for a lot of things. The husband and wife started arguing and the woman said, "I gave birth to our third child a few weeks ago (four to be exact) things as you can imagine have been hard especially since I’ve not been well enough to do most things so everything nearly falls on my husband, well tonight we had a fight about me needing to do more," wrote the woman. 

She continued, "I told him I’m trying but he doesn’t know what it's like and he wasn’t there for the two weeks I was suffering in the hospital nor did he witness what the baby went through he then started screaming I was throwing it his face," according to Reddit Post. 

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The woman accused him of not being there for her while she went into labor. She said he had to come into the room only because she and the baby were dying. 

"Obviously I know it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t visit but I was just trying to explain what I was going through, he then started saying I was probably pretending because I was back to myself within days of our other kids, this royally pissed me off so I shouted at him that while he wasn’t there afterward he was there while I went through hours of labor than rushed to the operating room because we were basically both dying," said the woman, according to Reddit. 

As the arguments escalated, the husband said something she never expected to hear from him. He said, "I wished you died watching you on that bed I prayed you’d bleed out."

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The woman was shocked, she did not know how to react to it. Too stunned by his words, she went on to check on her baby. She later confronted him and asked if he said it out of anger. Though he first denied it, he went away to sleep after she insisted on getting a proper reply. 

"I was too shocked to say anything at that moment so I checked on the baby when I came back he was going to bed and I asked him about it he first tried denying it then said he didn’t mean it like that, when I wouldn’t drop it he told me fuck off he was going to sleep and ignored me," wrote the devastated woman. 

She continued, "So here I’m crying in the living room feeling like shit because my body won’t allow me to be a fucking good mom even tho I’m trying I really I’m but I’m in so much pain and the one person I thought I could count on just turned on me."

Reddit users supported the heartbroken woman. They told her no one could ever say something so harsh out of anger. "That is not something you say out of stress or anger. That's a loaded statement. I'm not sure how you can just move on from that. Either take the kids and go to your parent's house or have them or a close friend stay with you," wrote one. 

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Others dug deeper into his motivation behind such a hurtful statement. "Well, there was obviously something going on in his mind before this latest thing about OP supposedly not helping out. Yes, it is extremely cruel to say. But I'm wondering what it was that caused him to think that at the time of the birth (before the fight). Not that there's any justification for him saying it out loud, I just want to know what actually caused him to think it at the hospital," wrote another. Many also advised the woman to leave the man.