Husband Speaks Out After His 29-Year-Old Wife Dies of Stroke Six Weeks After Giving Birth

Husband Speaks Out After His 29-Year-Old Wife Dies of Stroke Six Weeks After Giving Birth

Her organs were donated to five people which saved their lives. She is survived by ther husband and her daughter, Harlow.

A husband and father is sharing his plight after losing his wife six weeks after she gave birth to their child. Scott Sime and his wife, Shannon Sime, welcomed their daughter Baby Harlow with great hopes and love. However, all their dreams were shattered after Shannon died unexpectedly leaving the child behind.

The 29-year-old hairdresser suffered a stroke on August 5 and died three days later. She was a resident of the Gold Coast in Australia along with her husband. Shannon potentially saved the lives of five individuals by donating her organs in her ultimate act of kindness, reports Daily Mail. Her heart was transplanted into a patient with only 24 hours to live.

Scott wrote in an emotional message on Facebook, "Shannon is the most amazing person I've ever met. She's made this world a much better place and it comforts me in knowing how many positive impacts she's had on people's lives from every corner of the globe." 



The two made their way to South Australia from the UK 10 years ago and have since established a life there, living briefly in Adelaide, Melbourne, and most recently the Gold Coast.

Scott continued in his post, "I'm in awe of all the amazing things we've been able to do together and how even after everything she's been through, was still able to find the strength to live every moment like it was her last and be as selfless as she is." 

He added, "I’m eternally grateful that you chose to ‘do life’ with me darling. I promise I’ll take care of Harlow and give her the life you wanted for her."

The post has over 400 comments till now with people offering their tribute and paying their respects to Shannon who saved lives even after dying. A person wrote in the comments, "So deeply sorry for your loss..She left you a lil beautiful piece of her 4 ever..Your baby girl Harlow..And May she rest in Peace...My condolences."



Another person said, "You both shared so much love and created a beautiful Angel in Harlow! Now mummy is both of your guardians and will keep you both safe! Keep living and loving in Shannon’s memory!"

Scott thanked everybody in his post by writing, "I cannot thank everyone enough for the outpouring of messages and well wishes we’ve received over the last few days, we’re really touched." He added, "And remember, life is short. Don’t hold grudges, be kind, and care for one another. Give your loved ones what they want, be it a foot rub or a back scratch. Don’t get caught up in the moment and make time for one another. You just don’t know the last time you’ll get to tell anyone you love them or the last time you’ll be able to hold them in your arms."




Cover Image Source: Scott Sime/Facebook