Husband Sneaks Dog Into Hospital For Dying Wife; She Wanted To See Her "One More Time"

Husband Sneaks Dog Into Hospital For Dying Wife; She Wanted To See Her "One More Time"

"Bella immediately jumped on the bed, and gingerly laid across her chest, somehow avoiding the wires and IV."

Furry animals will bring a smile to your face even during the darkest phase of your life. One man knew how important their family dog was to his dying wife. So, the man did not think twice. He sneaked the dog into the hospital so that his wife could spend one last time with her fury buddy. 

The man took to Reddit to describe the heartbreaking tale.  "My wife was in the hospital after a very invasive surgery, which after a few days, looked like it did not produce ideal results," said the man with a username, Mellifluous_Username. Further, he told users that his wife's condition was deteriorating. "The prognosis was not good. She was able to speak, but was not eating or drinking, and relied completely on her IV and hard pain pills. In one rare instance of cogent speech, she convinced me to sneak our dog into her private room, so she could see her 'one more time,'" he said. 

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As per his wife's wish, the man devised a plan to sneak their dog into the hospital. Luckily, their dog Bella was so understanding that the man succeeded in carrying it out. "Our dog, Bella, is about a 50 pound Australian Shepherd, and as it turns out, she fits nicely in a normal suitcase. I packed her in, with the lid unzipped, and placed her in the car until we arrived at the hospital. When we arrived, I explained to her that I would open the zipper in a few minutes and that she could see her Mommy," said the man. 


He continued, "She never whimpered, barked, or whined. When I walked past the station nurses, I told them I was simply bringing items to make my wife more comfortable. When we entered the room, my wife was asleep. I unzipped the suitcase, and Bella immediately jumped on the bed, and gingerly laid across her chest, somehow avoiding the wires and IV."

Instead of expressing herself immediately, the patient dog waited for the woman to wake up from her sleep. "Bella immediately started licking her, and quietly moaned, as if knowing that barking would definitely blow our cover. My wife hugged her for almost an hour, smiling the whole time. We were busted by one nurse who was so touched that she promised not to tell. When my wife finally went back to sleep, I loaded Bella back in the suitcase, and she somewhat sheepishly obliged," recalled the man. 

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Unfortunately, just days after seeing Bella, the woman passed away. However, poor Bella is still waiting to see the loving wife of her master. "Whenever I grab the suitcase, (any suitcase) Bella thinks we are going to see her again," said the Redditor. Many resonated with the story. Some even shared their own experiences. "My mother absolutely adored our dog, who splits her time between my place (near my mother's home) and my ex's place an hour away. When Mom was dying in hospice care a few months ago, my ex brought our dog down to say goodbye," wrote one. They continued, "Mom had reached the point where her eyes no longer opened and she couldn't speak, but she could hear and responded to touch. I took her hand and put a small amount of kibble in it, then called our dog over and held Mom's hand where the dog could reach it. Mom smiled so broadly when she felt our dog's soft snout in the palm of her hand! And now I'm crying, but happy. It's a good memory. Sorry for your loss; glad you have that memory of Bella with your wife."