Husband Dumps Wife Just A Day After Wedding Because His Mom Complained He Was Giving New Bride Too Much Attention

Husband Dumps Wife Just A Day After Wedding Because His Mom Complained He Was Giving New Bride Too Much Attention

Jillian Diana does not have the option to get divorced since her former partner is moving out of the country.

Dramatic incidents involving mothers-in-law in marriage ceremonies are quite common. But, no one would imagine their partner leave them just because their mother felt insecure or jealous. Unfortunately, one woman was forced to face this situation just a day after her dream wedding.

According to The Sun, Jillian Diana, a TikTok star took to social media to share her tragic story. Jillian stated that she married the love of her life in a beautiful beach wedding in Mexico.

But there was an unexpected and devastating addition to the wedding. The woman's mother-in-law held an intervention and asked her son to choose between her and the woman. The events that followed were beyond shocking. Instead of calming his mother dow and solving the issue, the woman's partner decided to take an extreme step.


"He took off his wedding ring and dumped [me] literally the day after the wedding," said Jillian, according to The Sun. "Then she slapped [me] across the face and told [me] that [I] was 'a little b---h' and that she hates [me]," claimed the woman, alluding to her mother-in-law.

The TikTok star told her fans that her mother-in-law was extremely "jealous" of the attention her husband gave her. The devastated woman also claimed she flew home from her wedding location to Canada only to realize the country was under lockdown.

With the marriage broken a day after her dream wedding, Jillian was not allowed to see her former husband. His family prevented the two from seeing each other and the helpless woman could not even live in the apartment she previously shared with him.


 Jillian's story went viral immediately. Many asked questions from her story and the star followed up with the answers to some of the queries. She posted pictures of her wedding and told her fans that her marriage was not annulled and added getting a divorce was difficult as well since her ex was moving out of the country. 

Jillian's video was not well-received by her ex's family. A woman, who claimed to be her sister-in-law accused Jillian of lying and defended her family. She stated that her brother's decision to get married to Jillian was a huge mistake. According to Honey, the sister-in-law called her story "absolute lies".


She tweeted, "When your crazy ex sister in law goes viral on tik tok based on absolute lies," on the same day Jillian posted the video. Besides a post that began circulating stated that Jillian was abusive and claimed that she encouraged her former partner to go through with the wedding despite him being reluctant.

However, many supported Jillian on social media. "You are a beautiful woman, stay strong through this and you will come out much stronger, it sounds like his mother rules his life and no one will be good for her precious son, he needs too grow a pair and tell her too to interfering in his life, you will find someone who really truly deserves you in time," wrote one.

Another posted, "There must be another side to this story surely he wasn’t made to choose the day after the wedding, why wasn’t the ultimatum given before the wedding. either he’s tied to mummy’s apron strings if he is then she’s had a lucky escape or she’s not giving us the whole story."

Another added, "In time you will know how lucky you have been to have this freedom...mummys boy tho and thro(sic) and not worth knowing ....enjoy your life with him and his mummy!!!"